Super Mario Maker Review | Hidden Triforce

A creative do-it-yourself release that is super to bring a smile to all Mario fans.

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guywazeldatatt1187d ago

Wonderful review! Very thorough and in-depth. I must go out and get this game now!

LegendZelda1187d ago

I was originally skeptical when I saw it at E3. But it really seems to be a great package and should provide hours of gameplay. Some of the user submissions are just insanely hard and creative.

guywazeldatatt1187d ago

I played a few of the challenge stages myself at E3. I'm really excited to see what the community is able to create!

user99502791187d ago

woot. My copy shows up next week. Should probably blast through SMB3 in anticipation.


I just got this, as well as a Ganandorf amiibo (now I have a complete Zelda theme, daughter has Zelda, and son has Link, we got the tri-force baby).

guywazeldatatt1187d ago

how is the ganondorf amiibo in the game?


Which game? I'm assuming you're referring to MM, haven't tried him there yet. The kids took it over today, so I ended up watching MM: Fury Road (which I also got today).