Destiny 2.0 Brings Some Mysterious New Patrols Along for the Ride

The new Destiny update doesn't just bring some new gameplay changes, but it's also got some little stuff in there as well.

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EdMcGlone1186d ago

Destiny needs more mystery and exploration. Hopefully TTK delivers.

GigawattConduit1186d ago

It'd be nice if the random missions were more frequent, since we only came across them literally once despite playing for hours.

CitizenFour1186d ago

I haven't run into any of these missions yet. Been playing a fair bit.

Ray1861185d ago

Go to any patrol area and kill the enemies repeatedly. One will pop up.

kickerz1186d ago

Can't wait for the Taken King... My body is ready

thorstein1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

"Little Stuff" Thanks for nailing Destiny updates. I just want some of the original PVP maps back.

qu1ckset1185d ago

Ha not liking some of new maps, maybe I just need to give them more time tho..

reallyNow1185d ago

the original ones will be back...

Peace_Love_and_FPS1185d ago

Not the huge one on Mars with vehicles... D: or the moon base

reallyNow1184d ago

oh...well i hated the stupid moon base anyways. good riddance. :-D (sorry for your loss)

kaizokuspy1184d ago

They are back, played twilight gap and a few others last night

thorstein1184d ago

Have you seen 1st light or the Mars map with vehicles?

Dirtnapstor1185d ago

It's been a while since I've played it consistently. Fired it up last night. Still loving the game! Don't know why so many haters spew their bile. Was going to hold off for TTK, reconsidering now.

IaMs121185d ago

Most people don't hate Destiny the game itself, but more of the business practices associated with the game. For instance, chopping the game up into smaller pieces to sell as DLC, and not enough content. The gameplay mechanics are great but unfortunately they dont have the content to back it up once you've done all the raids once. It very much a cash grab game where you have to buy expansions to have a full game.

Dirtnapstor1185d ago

In Destiny's case, I'm not too sure about it being a cash grab. I think they formulated a player-grinding plan and realized they had a cart-before-the-horse problem after the fact. Yes story content was/is lacking. I think Bungie was banking on players grinding for the most part. Imo, the two expansions should have been free. TTK sounds promising like Bungie has listened and learned. We'll see.

kaizokuspy1185d ago

With the recent settling of a lawsuit it shows that Activision overstepped bungie, and forced them to reevaluate the story a year before launch. I think Activision are the real b holea, but I've been playing 2.0 so far and the game is still fun.