Fanatec debuts Official Forza Motorsport wheel rim for Xbox One

Fanatec and Turn 10 Studios (developers of the much loved Forza racing title series) have announced the very latest official racing wheel rim for the Xbox One console – the Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim GT “Forza Motorsport”.

The metal Forza Motorsport wheel rim is covered with smooth leather and has the words “Forza Motorsport” stitched into it. The wheel also has the Forza Motorsport logo in the centre and the wheel leather is also finished with a white stitching which completes the theme of the wheel nicely.

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FlexLuger1161d ago

We are gonna need to get a test at some point.

Thrustmaster VS logitec VS fanatec.

I play lots of Forza in both motorsport and horizon guise. I am considering a wheel at some point. But I want the best one available on xbox.

u4one1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

i have a fanatec for the 360, a thrustmaster for the x1 and a logitech g27. the fanatecs are definitely the best in terms of motors, noise, build quality and materials. they are also the most expensive. next best would be the logitech. the g27 doesn't work on the x1 to the best of my knowledge but they are coming out with that g29 x1 equivalent. I'm sure its going to be the next best thing if the fanatecs are out of ones price range. i'm probably going to sell my thrustmaster and old fanatec and put the money toward the new fanatec so I can have one for the x1.

Black0ut1161d ago

How does the thrustmaster go? I'm also in the market for the best wheel as just like Flex, I play a lot of Forza and I want the best experience if the value is right.

Gonna be so tight with the Forza 6 console!!! Only 3 mor days baby!

u4one1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


The Thrustmaster isn't bad honestly - especially for the price. As I said, the Logitech and Fanatec probably have a bit better build quality and the motors are probably a little bit stronger.

If I were you I'd say the Thrustmaster will do the job but if you can hold out a bit for the new Logitech x1 wheel, its probably gonna be closer to the sweet spot in terms of product vs price.

Black0ut1161d ago

+bub for helpful. Thank you sir! =)

objdadon1161d ago

I'm still waiting for one with both Xbox one and ps4 compatibility. Get it done.

KilKarazy1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Yeah you'll only need to spend north of $500 for a wheel and base.

Skate-AK1161d ago

The new Thrustmaster wheel coming out in October has Force Feedback and it is around $200.

u4one1161d ago

fanatecs are expensive yes, but the thrustmasters aren't really as good either. i own a fanatec, a thrustmaster and a logitech. if the fanatecs are out of your price range, i'd pass the thrustmaster and wait for the new logitech x1 wheel. they are the next best thing imo.

creeping judas1161d ago

@ Kil, just checked the N.A store, $399 just for the wheel, and an additional $599 for the base, that's almost a whopping grand just for a racing wheel!! I do like the fact they are compatible with both PS4 and Xbox 1. But that's a lot of dough to spend.

KilKarazy1161d ago

The article says the equivalent of around $580. Idk if that is right though because I've seen what you're talking about on the store too.

creeping judas1161d ago

They are talking about Euro's not North American dollars. That's why the discrepancy.

creeping judas1161d ago

$399 for the wheel -

$599 for the base -

To be honest with you, I don't know if any of this includes the pedals or not?

Dlacy13g1161d ago

Ok...that looks pretty slick but had to laugh at one of the features: USB port to charge a smartphone. No data.

Just struck me as an odd inclusion.

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