Mario Doesn't Try Anymore

With the release of #SuperMarioMaker, Middle of Nowhere Gaming's Associate Editor Esteban Cuevas asks why Nintendo doesn't try to innovate with Mario anymore.

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Neonridr1138d ago

Well, I on the other hand feel that this game is a breath of fresh air. Finally letting the inner game designers in everyone create their own masterpiece levels.

You show me another game series as successful as Mario that allows you to create your own levels like this.. I can't think of any.

R00bot1137d ago

That's because there aren't any other game serie' as successful as Mario.
I would say LittleBigPlanet allows you to make levels, but it's not nearly as intuitive as Mario Maker.

-Foxtrot1137d ago

REALLY.....dude people have created unreal projects of LittleBigPlanet

Someone remade FFVII on it, can you remake that on Mario Maker?

franwex1137d ago

Well....Mario Maker was designed to create Mario levels; so I guess one cannot create FFVII. I honestly don't want to anyway. Creating simple levels that Mario can navigate sounds more fun. Little Big Planet I felt was too complex. Sure I COULD learn if I dedicate myself; but I didn't really have the patience.

deafdani1137d ago

Foxtrot,your rebuttal isn't a rebuttal at all.

The dude's point was that Mario Maker is more intuitive than Little Big Planet, and that is true. LBP's creation tools were pretty complex to use, compared to Mario Maker's.

Gwiz1137d ago

How is something intuitive when it's limited to a certain degree?while the UE is actually a real designer platform.Mario Maker to me is just a testament of Nintendo no longer knowing what to do with it.I can't even blame them lol,they've made so many games about Mario that the creative process would eventually come to an end.

Big_Game_Hunters1137d ago

if i want to play FF7 i'll play ff7.
i love the LBP series. But i enjoyed making levels more than playing them. Most of those custom games are more about, "oh look i made street fighter" rather actually being that fun to play. Even the platformers aren't that great because the base LBP mechanics.

Mario maker on the other hand takes a series that defined the platforming genre, and gives you the ability to make great 2D platformers, instead of a bunch of meh game modes.

3-4-51137d ago

Foxtrot, lets be real, LBP mechanics are boring and slow and aren't fun to play.

It's only reddeming quality is the ability to create.

Without the ability to create, LBP isn't a good game.


Mario has been a good game in numerous ways without the ability to create.

Your Obviously a fanboy who wants only what you want to be seen as good, and anything else you trash.

You do this daily.

We see through the BS.

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MurDocINC1137d ago

Does Minecraft count? It's as successful as Mario and let's you create all sorts of things.

higgins781137d ago

I'm sorry. Minecraft is hugely successful, I agree, but possibly a fad? Lets see where Minecraft is in 30 years time, what it continues to offer in those 30 years, then we can talk...

MrBrofist1137d ago

Mindcraft is still very new. Its a hit but hardly as popular as Mario.
Hell, even your grand parents knows Mario.

Not downplaying Mindcraft's success but it hasn't payed it's dues just yet to rank as high as Mario. That's a tough act to follow

wonderfulmonkeyman1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

This is the first time I've ever seen someone who claims to have no interest, have so much negative BS to say about something he claims to have no interest in.[shouldn't open one's mouth if they've got no interest in the first place]

And saying they've been the same game for the past several games in a row?
Who does this guy think he's kidding? Seriously?

More like Nintendo-bashing articles don't try anymore.XD

Let him be "disinterested".
His loss.XD

WeAreLegion1137d ago


Super Mario 3D World had tons of innovative mechanics. They're always trying new things with Mario. They just like to throw out the classic side scrolling stuff sometimes, too. It's fun and it sells well. Good level design should be the important part.

higgins781137d ago

Its true. Apart from the Mario platforming series becoming a 4 dimensional racing sim I fail to see how Nintendo can innovate much more with the franchise, and yet they continually do, much to my surprise and amazement.

BenRage31137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Another sub-par article from another non-gamer. This is getting old. Go back to your Call of Duty Esteban. Why is it that the average video game article sounds like it is written by a petulant child?

The game didn't have what "I" wanted. This is what "I" think, and if it isn't what "I" like than it must suck. Grow up kiddo.

Nintendo tries harder than anyone to innovate and actually takes risks that don't always pay off. No one is perfect and Nintendo makes mistakes, but that doesn't mean they don't try. That's a very insulting thing to say.

donwel1137d ago

"Why is it that the average video game article sounds like it is written by a petulant child?"
Because that's precisely what they are m8, especially these days.

DefenderOfDoom21137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Finishing "Contra" on the NES with 2 players was very difficult without the "Konami code". Playing 2 player co-op thru a campaign should be a challenge .

I do agree that "Mario64" was the most innovative and fun Mario game to play.

I hope someone makes original DOOM levels with the new creation tools by ID Software, in the DOOM game coming out next spring .

N4g_null1137d ago

Oh they will. Heck most doom players could make those levels without looking at the old ones.

I'm really a fan of level editors going all the way back to doom era. Nintendo did them justice with this editor. It reminds me of mario paint.

Really looking forward to the nx and how it ties into the past. It seems the more power we see the more innovative nintendo can show to the casual gamer.

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