Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review - Calm Down Tom

Calm Down Tom: The Danganronpa series is quite unlike anything else you’ve ever played. Or read. The first two games were very text heavy, with ports to mobile omitting the gameplay sections completely to make them into visual novels. Regardless of whether you were playing or just reading, they were incredibly dark, psychologically intense and blackly funny. It takes a while to tune in to the peculiar characters and the world they inhabit, but when the story starts to pull you in, you’ll find yourself by turns horrified, amused and thoroughly absorbed as the story twists and turns. Spike Chunksoft knows how to craft a stylish, original game, and with this Danganronpa spin off, they’ve successfully grafted the series unique atmosphere with a different gameplay genre. Gone are the courtroom-stle battles, replaced with third person combat.

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