Pink PS2 Is A Sell-Out.

According to Game marketing director Anna Macario, the popularity of the console has been overwhelming. During its launch week in November, one in every two PS2 purchases were of the pink variety, the shop chain's informed.

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specialguest4052d ago

the anti-Sony fanboys once stated that the Pink PS2 was a stupid idea. hahaha...SUCCESS!

InMyOpinion4052d ago

And guys who are all too fabolous.

Dick Jones4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Heeeeeeey, Girlfriend.

HaHa4052d ago

to know one. don't you agree

InMyOpinion4052d ago

MS should release a 360 in pink too, it would boost sales in Japan for sure. Issa job fooo...Peeeetieeeeer Mooooooorioooooaaaa!!!

SPAWN4052d ago

So so cute for ps3 fan and queenboy!

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