5 Ways Super Mario Maker Should Expand with DLC

Super Mario Maker's robust tool set is bound to create countless hours of enjoyment, but it will need an injection of freshness eventually. Here are five ways Nintendo could use downloadable content to keep Super Mario Maker fresh for a long time to come.

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swice1189d ago

Wouldn't some of these have trouble transferring to the other games?

swice1188d ago

Sorry it looks like I misspoke.

I have no freaking clue why I thought you could change the graphics on the fly in Mario Maker.

I was thinking of Mario 2 to be specific. The game has such different coding than the other Mario Maker Mario games that I thought it would be a problem porting the sprite designs from Mario 2 to the other games when you switch the graphics.

3-4-51188d ago

SMB2 is obvious for DLC.

Other suggestions.

* SMW 2, Yoshi's Island DLC with same game mechanics.

* Kirby / Sonic themed levels.

Basically Kirby Creator or Sonic Creator