Need For Speed - New Screenshots Reveal Amazing Car Details

Electronic Arts has released a new set of screenshots for Ghost Games’ upcoming Need For Speed title.

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Cobain191161d ago

Looks great thanks to Frostibte 3

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081161d ago

And physically based rendering(PBR), that's what really make game look awesome!

john21161d ago

Indeed. This new NFS looks really sexy

abstractel1161d ago

Don't forget the artists! An engine is only as good as the artists pushing it to its limits.

gapecanpie1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Just hope its 60fps on console if not its autofail for me and I will only be getting the PC verison. But so far this is the only next gen looking racer on console in terms of graphics.

Clunkyd1160d ago

LOL Drive Club takes visuals on any platform despite 30fps, NFS is a contender.

gapecanpie1160d ago

Nah._. I really didn't see what all the hype was about aliasing all over the place crappy blur effects to try and clear it up, thank god for the free psplus edition I would have have been pissed if I paid full retail price! Also its clear you never played a race game on pc with max settings if you say DC takes visuals on any platform.

IRetrouk1160d ago

Grape you are trying too hard, driveclub looks fantastic and feels fast as f**k, now obviously a pc racing game can and does look better with the right settings but driveclub has the most detailed tracks and cars on any console. Without a dought.

abstractel1160d ago

What racing game on PC looks better than Driveclub? Not even Project Cars look better. Resolution, framerate and antialiasing on the right PC, sure, but as far as overall visuals go I have not to date seen a racing title as good as Driveclub on any platform. And considering it came out a year into the PS4 cycle, I believe GT6 can push the same visuals to 60fps (I just hope they make the campaign as good as Forza's has become).

Note to PC diehards, I buy all multiplatform games that have a PC version on the PC because I want the best version possible. If Driveclub had a PC version, I would have bought that instead of the PS4 version for higher resolution, framerate and better antialiasing. But nothing beats it at the moment in the visual department. It's a fun game to boot.

abstractel1160d ago

New NFS looks stunning as well and I'll definitely get it for the PC. Always online pisses me off but as long as I can enjoy it by myself. Comcast internet does go down occasionally and it would suck to not be able to play a game you bought. Also, can we trust their servers with all the crap that's been happening the last year?

What about when they decide to stop supporting the servers, will they unlock an offline mode? And if so, why couldn't they just give us an offline mode to begin with since some of us prefer to play that way?

gapecanpie1160d ago

Trying to hard at what? Don't lump me into that fanboy cr*p because I stated my opionin (which happens to be true for me)... To me DC graphics are overrated and the reason I use pc as a exmpale cause that guy said any platform which is just a joke to think a 400 dollar console could match a racer on pc with max outsettings and yes project cars on pc with max outsettings do look better even more so now since the graphics patches and updates.

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AizenSosuke1161d ago

It's sexy and IIIIIII know it.

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Black0ut1161d ago


Brilliant looking and it should be interesting to see how NFS unfolds.

Ka7be1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

This is probably the best looking racing game next to DriveClub!

This NFS and maybe DriveCLub are on my list. The rest look meh.....

1160d ago