EA and DICE explain the basics of movement in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

DICE is quite busy with a number of games that are in development, but one of the biggest they are working on right now is Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Set to debut this coming February, Catalyst will be a first-person, open-world game and is aiming to deliver one of the most unique traversal systems around.

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poppinslops1161d ago

Wow - this comes out on the same day as Deus Ex... those two plus Xcom makes February a hell of a month for sci-fi (followed by the Solus Project in March and Quantum Break in April).

I didn't play the original Mirror's Edge, but I recently tried 'Dying Light' - which had a fairly impressive parkour system and also used a rather unconventional control setup... it appears that ME:Catalyst's movement/combat will be even more nuanced and complex, with Faith's wallrunning, cornerslides and the advanced momentum mechanics in-place of firearms, swords and other 'trigger-hogging' fps standards.

I should want it, but - like Battlefront before it - I'm still not sold... fortunately, they'll both have trials on EA Access.

Ashunderfire861161d ago

I highly recommend you get this game. I played part one on the PS3 back then and it was the biggest surprise of 2009, with the parkour through obstacles, and fighting enemies. That game was a breath of fresh air! If you still have a PS3 give that game a try, you won't regret it!

poppinslops1161d ago

I have an xbox360 and a PS3, but the game itself is difficult to find... I might play it on my XO - assuming it's set for backwards compatibility - but only if it ends up on GWG.

The next 6 months are gonna be incredible, in-terms of new games and the last thing I need is another addition to my pile of shame... but you never know - Catalyst's EA Access trial might yet turn me into a fanatic.

Ashunderfire861161d ago

If you have a smart phone download this app that every gamer should have. It's called Gameflip. People sell new and old games, consoles, accessories, collectibles, and many other things. I am pretty sure you can find Mirror Edge for PS3 on there.

poppinslops1161d ago

Cheers... Wow, they've got some serious bargains!

Unfortunately, my modded PS3 doesn't play discs, though I can download it easily enough... that said, I tend to use it as a last-resort for games I can't get physically (older games, limited releases, English dubbed JRPGs and such).

Also, the fact that Mass Effect got a performance-boost (via backwards compatability) means I'd prefer a 360 version... but like I said, I've already got my hands full with a 10+ list of last-gen gems and the last thing I need is another - unless it's free on GWG, in which case I'll definitely try it!

Besides, EA have basically rebooted the 'series' with Catalyst, so it's not like I'm missing out on important plot-points... Also DICE have a pretty spotty record with regards to single-player storytelling, so I reckon I'll just wait for the EAccess trial.