Metal Gear Solid V for PS4 Nearly Sold Out in First Week in Japan; Xbox One Sells about 2,000 Copies

When Media Create published its top 20 chart for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s debut week in Japan, the Xbox One version did not appear. Today they published the top 50, as every Friday, and it shown that Hideo Kojima’s latest labor of love came very close to bringing an Xbox One game back into the top 20.

On the other hand, the PS4 version was almost sold out and the PS4 bundle sold an impressive amount.

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xer01164d ago

I have barely scratched the surface of MGS V on the PS4; having only completed the prologue and 3 missions in the game so far.

All I can say is, Kojima is a genius.
I'm happy that his last game can be experienced across multiple platforms.

scark921164d ago

The game has so many intense moments, I love it!

UKmilitia1164d ago

im loving the game but i have many questions,

why is there nothing to do except shower at motherbase?
how come when it says i have captured checkpoint ,enemy comes back but looks like they are on edge? is it because i have already killed last lot of guards?

Kalebninja1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

@UKmilitia There are several secrets in mother base, most would be spoilers so I won't say. You do have to go back to raise moral, there are hidden blueprints,posters, and diamonds. In order to get two Buddy's you do have to do things at mother base, one really just being returning once in a while. There are training missions as well and sometimes to progress you must return. You could also use your base as a means of planning out an infiltration of an fob.

XBLSkull1163d ago

Lol @ "sold out" in the digital age

MasterCornholio1163d ago


Yeah like physical copies are impossible to get sold out.

-rolls eyes-

Do you really know what you just said?


XBLSkull1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

a game 100% available is never sold out

"oh yeah we sold out of copies, we only have infinite copies left we can sell you"

MasterCornholio1163d ago


Um no. Your just mad that they sold all the copies for the PS4.

So it really was sold out in terms of physical copies of MGS4 for the PS4 in Japan.

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Magicite1164d ago

500:2 ratio for PS vs Xbox, nice :)

medman1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Very nice.

prettyboy121164d ago

Lucky you,you know here in the states its kinda hard to get the ps4 copy...IM STILL WITHOUT!!!

franwex1164d ago

Whaaa? They are widely available here like crazy here in Southern California!

warczar1163d ago

I'm in northern cali and the butthole gamestops around here decided they would only order enough to cover the pre orders. What a bunch of lames. I swear to god gamestop wants to go out of business so bad.

Insomnia_841163d ago

I friend went to a BestBuy here in NYC two days after release and it was sold out for PS4!!

Bathyj1163d ago

Just to give you an idea of the work you have in front of you...
12 days I had it
80 hours played it
28% total progression
45% main mission
25% side ops
No regrets

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SaveFerris1164d ago

No word on the Xbox One percentage of the shipment sold in the first week?

Relientk771164d ago

PS4 version selling like hot cakes

PizzaSteve1164d ago

It was expected. Even though it's on other platforms, MGS still feels like a PS exclusive and the fans will always prefer it on PS. Great game.

triple_c1164d ago

You're right. MGS has started on the PlayStation and it has a long history on PlayStation. The same goes with Tomb Raider. It started on PlayStation and just feels like a PlayStation exclusive, that's why Microsoft and Square Enix got so much backlash for doing that deal

Hopefully these strong MGS 5 PS4 sales convince Konami to stay in the console market. I'm pretty sure they're reconsidering it after seeing these numbers.

_-EDMIX-_1164d ago

@Triplec- I'm not sure its just based on starting on PS as much as its because of the low unit count in Japan of the XONE.

I do agree though that its a huge factor. This would be the first MGS game to be released on more then 1 platform day and date.

I don't think Konami is leaving console gaming due to low sales as much as they are leaving for more profit in mobile, consider this game is doing what MGS4 did on PS3, the sales are nice, but its not as if Konami didn't think the would be. They are merely seeking to use that money in mobile.

Sucks but whats the point with Kojima gone and Konami not wanting to do console games any more?

MeliMel1164d ago

@triplec, yeah TR started on multiple platform never exclusive to Playstation! I know you didnt say it was exclusive but you did say it started on Playstation and you're wrong about that. It also came out for Sega Saturn(version I owned) and PC. Nice try tho.

triple_c1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Exactly, I never said the game was exclusive. I said it STARTED on the PlayStation. Let me ask you something, If me and my friend started a business together does that negate the fact that I still started the business? No, it doesn't. Yes the game started on the Saturn and the PC as well but the fact that the original Tomb Raider was on the Saturn and the PC doesn't negate my statement since the game still started on the PlayStation as well.

I swear, fanboys like yourself are the worst. Your fanboyism is so out of control that it causes you to misinterpret things and create blank arguments over things that were never started or said. The worst part about it is that you acknowledged that I never said it was exclusive but you still felt the need to respond to me and create a blank argument just because I said something positive about a console you either don't like or don't prefer.

MasterCornholio1164d ago


It would be accurate to state that the solid series started on PlayStation. Which is when MGS became a big thing.

That Saturn game wasn't a huge hit and universally praised like MGS was.

Metal Gear became big on PlayStation.

End of story.

Azzanation1164d ago

Machines don't make a difference. All versions offer the exact same experience. Weather you play it on PS, Xbox or PC. The main thing is its available to more gamers and the gamers can unit with great games like this.

Caring which platform its on and that there's some magical attachment is just silly. Xbox doesn't even exist in Japan so sales are expected to be rather low. But that doesn't make it any more different. A game is game. I own FF7 on PS1 and PC and I will always remember my PS1 experience however ill be getting the remaster on PC. Does it matter to me where the game started from? No, I game because I love games, not because I love platforms.

Gunstar751164d ago


Tomb Raider never started on PlayStation, it started in Saturn

nosferatuzodd1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Tril metal gear solid started on nes not the psx ev n though I'm a Playstation guy you of to be fare and give respect when it's dew Nintendo was the console most of those games started on then they move to Playstation late 19 95

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