All about that base: Metal Gear Solid 5's FOBs are glorious

And the microtransactions aren't an issue, yet.

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christrules00411194d ago

Then you realize that every time someone uses cheat engine or something like that. They not only can take your staff on the FOBS but you loose your staff on the base as well. I'll play one fob mission just to get the trophy and be able to deploy 4 units into combat deployment at once, but after that I'm blocking the i telnet connection with a firewall. Hackers being invincible doesn't help either. Basically if I don't firewall it and want to take a bit of a break. I'll loose everything I had. Because if they are successful you loose staff at your base except for the guys under a direct contract.

raWfodog1194d ago

Yeah I'm not interested in FOB at all. I love the idea of building up my MB but I don't have interest in having to constantly defend my bases and potentially losing some of the staff/resources that I worked hard to accumulate. Nice idea though for the ones who are interested.

PS - For future reference, it's 'lose', not 'loose'. Just some friendly helpful advice, I don't mean anything else by it.

XBLSkull1194d ago

I went ahead and bought a second FOB for the 2 extra merc squads I can send on deployments but that is as far as ill go spending real cash in this game. Still haven't really messed around with the FOB mechanics but the whole defense setup stuff left me thoroughly confused.

Palitera1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Is there cross play or is it just limited to the PC version?

christrules00411194d ago

There isn't cross play for The Phantom Pain.

TheUberAsian1194d ago

How do you do FOB missions?

rdgneoz31194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Complete mission 22 I believe and you get the option to buy a free FOB. You can level each platform to 4/4 without needing MB coins (it just takes a bit of time).

FOB isn't too bad if you're smart. Research the armor and weapons for your defenders, and research the security items to help with the defense. Also, go and check security settings and set preparedness to the highest setting (you only get charged when that platform gets invaded). After you get attacked, you have a shield for like 6 to 24 hours depending on how badly you got invaded.

Lastly, you can do direct contracts with about 10% of your total staff capacity for your teams which means that those people are never taken. Ex. 900 between combat to med teams (249 in waiting room, 1 sickbay and 23 brig are ignored - only total max for each team counts), I have 90 direct contracts. By the time you starget getting S and above, you'll easily be getting A to A++ which will be the range your contracts run out on (I have all my S and above with contracts and almost half my A++). Hell, my security group which I flooded with Es and Ds at the start (along with trouble makers) now has a ton of As from every other team being A+ and above pretty much.

So overall, research defense gear / security devices, direct contract your best guys, and you'll be fine.

Zefros1194d ago

Can't connect online at all!

NewAgeisHere1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I'm loving the game, but...

FOB missions get boring pretty fast to be honest. Also whenever I try to invade someone who doesn't already have an army + 100 gadgets protecting his base, I always get the notification that he's already being inflitrated. It's a weird concept to be honest.....not much longevity in it imo. Hope that's not all there is to multiplayer.

MysticStrummer1193d ago

"Hope that's not all there is to multiplayer."

Metal Gear Online will be starting up early next month I think. There will be live streams from TGS in a few days.