EGX 2015: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida to talk 20 years of PlayStation


"This year's EGX, the UK games festival formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo (and run by our parent company Gamer Network), will see Sony's Shuhei Yoshida in a developer session celebrating the 20-year anniversary of PlayStation's launch in the UK."

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FlexLuger1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Congrats on 20 years. PS has never been my fave brand, But I would not want a gaming industry without them. They have brought some goodens over the years.

I stil remeber buying a PS1 with destruction derby at HMV in 1995 ( I worked their part time, so I used my staff discount) Also bought a UK spec sega saturn at the same branch, I worked at.

Bought My PS2 in 2002 with tekken tag. GT3 and GT4 were my fave racers that gen. and shadow of colossus will always be a special game to me.

Never got my PS3 until the slim came out. I still consider the first slim to be the best looking PS3 console. didnt quite hit the higs of the PS2 for me, but it came into its own after 2008.

PS4 has been good. First PS I bought at launch since the PS1.

MasterCornholio1191d ago

I respect your opinion and in my case Playstation is my favorite brand. I cant imagine gaming without them.

Anyways i agree with you that Sony gave us the golden years of gaming with the PS1 and PS2. So many creative IPs were released during that era.

FlexLuger1191d ago

Indeed. Rememeber jumping from megadrive and snes to the likes of wipeout, G police and ridge racer? Cybersled was good too. Just seeing polyonal 3d games at home. the early days. Good times. Amazing games. I still have all my copies of edge magazine from back then.

I was probably the only person that hated toshinden! lol. But tekken was ace. Tekken 2 was even better and tekken 3 even better than that. My only gripe about that error is we never get a port of namcos rave racer. I thought for sure namco would have released a RR aracde anthology. I still have hope. 20th annaversary and all..we should have an arcade perfect port of ridge racer or rave racer :) for old times sake.

Septic1191d ago

Ooh nice I'll be there. Hopefully I get to meet the legend

carmelo431191d ago

If ps is not your fav brand why are you giving sony your money, smh I guess trolls can lie also

uth111191d ago

Maybe like how Nintendo is not my favorite brand, yet I still own a Wii and a few GBA's and DS's?

MasterCornholio1191d ago

Nintendo isn't my favourite brand for gaming but I still like them which is why I bought a new 3DS.

Just because you say it isn't your fsvorite doesn't necessarily mean that you hate it.

FlexLuger1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


Adidas is not my fave brand of sneaker,. Nike is. But I still buy a clean pair of stan smiths. Not everybody is a devout fanboy like you. I dont have to worship a company and be loyal to them like a wife. Clearly thats your grab.

Heaven forbid anybody like more than one console right? Heaven forbid, me as an xbox gamer saying something nice about a brand that has always had a place as my second console at home? you are so ignorant, I dont even know why Im bothering. Its not my fault you can only afford one. you sound bitter and jealous, now that I think about it. Because you probably cannot afford a secon choice aswell as your first. Thats not my issue. thats yours.

glad you called me a liar though. And im glad your post reads like ignorant troll slush. Worse thing is I am praising sony and you still cant help but troll me.So you are the one that loks like a dufus, not me. You will get no cookie, here, kiddo. stop trying to look stripes. Your just a troll and anybody on any side of the fence can see that. Dont ever respond to my post again. You are an embarresment.

here you go:

Now, sit your five dollar ass down, before I make change..

Again. *neatens collar* Congrats to sony on 20 years of success. heres to 20 more and beyond of giving MS and nintendo competition and keeping the game honest.

An Xbox gamer said it.

user99502791191d ago

The world is exactly as black and white as you imagine. Disney World is stupid.

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italiangamer1191d ago

This is gonna be interesting, hopefully the interview will be posted online becuase I really want to watch it.

TwoForce1191d ago

Playstation is where i become a gamer to this day.

S2Killinit1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Love Shu . Most genuine guy in the industry.