DKS3713: FF13 trailer shown again, More details

Square Enix represented the Final Fantasy 13 trailer today, and ffkh is detailing it even more.

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Black_Jack3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I.......can't wait for this game!

King_many_layers3422d ago

You'd better had, unless you can understand Japanese fluently.

Thanks MS / sarcasm.

[email protected]3422d ago

Another reason to hate them from heart YAHOOOOOOOOO! YAY* and other to starting lose all my faith on S-E except on Nomura projects.

ConanOBrien3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

.. PS3 games are delayed : the threat of epileptic seizures

Zerodin3422d ago

And now back to Giant seizure robots!

kindi_boy3422d ago

is this DKS3713 event still on ?