'GTA 5' Will Probably Never Get Story DLC


"There was a time when I actually believed that we were going to get single-player DLC for GTA 5. Sure, it always seemed like Rockstar was more interested in GTA Online, but they kept saying they were making more single player DLC, and, well, I believed them, for a time. But it’s been two years at this point, and it’s looking less and less likely."

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bixxel1189d ago

GTA Pc Fans gave up their hopes before E3 2014 when GTA V had no release dates for PC, and a year later, they are committed to playing it. So, you never no.

seanpitt231189d ago

I think we need to move on from gta5 and think to the future and hurry up and announce red dead redemptions sequel the wait has been killing me.
Gta5 was an amazing game but the more resources rockstar throw at it the fewer they have working on other projects. Gta5 has had its day now let rockstar bring another masterpiece to the table.

donwel1189d ago

Dunno mate RDR would be a bitch of a game to try to top, it may be best for them to leave that series as is as good as the game was or they may risk cheapening the experience.
Having said that, if there's one game studio that could pull it off it's R* as they do have a good record in making top class games.

DOMination-1188d ago

RDR and GTA are not made by the same teams

3-4-51189d ago

It is a 2 year old game.

Why are they wasting time & money on this game still when they could be focusing on the next game ?

lipton1011189d ago

Because the game is a modern classic. 20 years from now, people will still be mentioning this game on "top 10" lists. Probably even on this very website if it's still around

Mikeyy1189d ago

Game is only one year old on current gen. Makes it still very relevant.

Single story DLC is a license to print money. No way they'd pass it up.

Hereiamhereibe21189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

There were no GTAV PC fans before its release and most people on PC now were playing on PS3 and 360 and were considered holdouts until its release, but I believe they are going to try and stop updating PS3 & 360 until "most" of the holdouts either join this era in gaming or stop playing GTA 5 altogether before they release the story DLC and I would also guess we will not hear about it until a new game is announced to really hype up Rockstar fans.

r3f1cul1189d ago

gta 5 was pretty awesome when it first came out on 360/ps3... but by the time it crawled its way on to xbone/ps4 and FINALLY got heists i had lost all interest honestly... i dont even know how you main pc guys dealt with it, i thought about getting it again on pc, but i just couldnt justify buying it again... but that might just be me

SteamPowered1189d ago

If you saw the billions of incredible mods, you would see how us Pc guys deal with it. I would suggest you divert to Pc if you want fresh content. A quick google search will show you quite another side to GTA5.

lipton1011189d ago

If only my bootcamp iMac could run it properly :-/. I need to build myself a proper gaming computer when this one kicks. But it works for DayZ so I'm happy

Loktai1189d ago

Yeah... I'm sure the DLC would sell but with production values like that getting everybody back in the studio years later to record lines and stuff... they might be knee deep in GTA6 production by now

Frinker1189d ago

Noone plays GTA for story anyways so this is great news

sullynathan1189d ago

I'm sure most people play GTA campaign than anything else

sullynathan1189d ago

Most GTA games have only had a campaign mode. GTA V shipped with only campaign for a couple of months and people played only the campaign. The Campaign is what is most played in GTA.

kevinsheeks1189d ago

I think they are trolling. . .I hope at least

N0TaB0T1189d ago

Correction: Frinker never played GTA before the fourth game.

sullynathan1189d ago

There will be campaign DLC in the future.

MrBeatdown1189d ago

It's silly to think otherwise. You know they had it planned before releasing GTAV. There's no reason why they would scrap it just because online is so popular.

It took over five years to make GTAV. Heists took over a year. Even GTA4's first expansion didn't release until a year after GTA4's release. Gay Tony released another six or seven months after that.

Rockstar takes their sweet time. Seeing as how it has taken this long though, I'm expecting just one massive single player expansion that can be released separately, like Episodes from Liberty City, but with a single storyline.

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