Awesome Games On Sale Right Now: Friday 9/11/15

Do you like sales? We love sales. Here are 10 awesome games on sale right now.

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MPScrimshaw1166d ago

Lots of great games on here. Wish I had a Wii-U for dat Mario Kart.

ZeroSkerbo1166d ago

Gotta love a good sale, better believe I'm snagging xcom

shocked6861166d ago

Wow I had no idea there was a Tom Clancy humble bundle going on. I'll have to check that out

ChouDa1166d ago

Bought that shit already! But... then realized it used Uplay. What the shit is a Uplay?!

B_Rickaby1166d ago

Hmmmm....... is it worth it to trade up for the reaper of souls edition.