Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review – Kojima’s Defining Moment | COG

COG writes: Directed, designed, co-produced and co-written by Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is about the best we have seen from the franchise, and about the best we have seen from Kojima.

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Malphite1188d ago

The game is getting critical acclaim across the board. It's probably the best game I've played this year and that's saying a lot when it's the year The Witcher 3, Bloodborne and Batman: AK came out.

I wonder what would need to happen for you to be sold on it.

3-4-51188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

* I want to read the reviews for this game like 4-5 months from now, once the initial hype has died down.

I feel like it would be a more honest review.

Not that the game would get lower scores, but I think some people are overpraising it because it's the "hot" new thing to do for this last week in gaming.

Like some people obviously love it, and then some are just giving blind praise just because.

95/100's like everywhere.....No flaws at all ?

I mean it looks really good, and I've never played a MGS game, so maybe it's just my lack of understanding about the series....that definitely could factor in.

It just seems to be getting the " Oh it's a sony game so lets say it's really awesome when it's only just pretty good" kind of treatment, that some Sony games have gotten.

Honest fans are honest, but I don't trust some of these journalists.

* Some of these same sites that are giving 95/100 and 100/100 are some of the same sites that give other games 60/100 for a game everyone else gave 85/100 for.

I trust a few of these reviews, but I think people are blindly trying to not find faults in this game JUST because it's Kojima's last game.

* Seems like an award show presentation when they just give overpraise because that person is done acting or something.

I understand the flood of downvotes that will happen because of this comment as well.

Not hating on the series or Sony, but more so the journalists who do the flavor of the week reviews and just wait for everyone else to either praise or hate it, and then adjust their score accordingly.

ThatEnglishDude1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

...You DO know this game is on multiple platforms right? Not just the 'Sony'.

To put some perspective on it, this is the final game in a 28 year old saga with a continuous story and the final game by the man who created it. It's quite a significant game for many people.

I fully appreciate your view as an outsider to the series, and that's fine - but some of your reasoning seems very naive. Maybe, just maybe, it's getting a warm reception because it's a bloody good game! There's a novel idea.

Not hating, just sayin' :)

KONAAs1187d ago

if u have a ps4 ill sell u my copy for $15 bucks, i cant drag my self in doing another mission. such a drag runing or riding a horse to next mission or even using the ACC, air comand post. and all the micro transactions are a killer. i prefer old mgs games with a lineart story and no open world

MRBIGCAT1188d ago

It makes me happy in my heart the series is back on track.

GrapesOfRaf1188d ago

I had to decide between this and Mad Max... I went with MGSV. While I've only heard great things about Mad Max, I'm not at all disappointed with choosing MGSV. I think the only game that has a chance for being a better open world 3rd person shooter is the new Ghost Recon.

Paulhammer1188d ago

This game is so f***ing good. It feels all kinds of right.

Jerry Seinfeld1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I love/hate this game so much. The gameplay is amazing and the freedom to achieve your objectives is massive, but the open world is lacking and the story makes me want to punch kittens. Where the boss battles? Why was BB in that hospital with his doppelganger when he was created to keep the heat of of BB? Why would the man on fire go after BB's stand in and not BB himself? Wouldn't psycho mantis and the man on fire known the difference?

All the games in the MGS series are convoluted, but at least they made sense in their own universe. But this one? Fuck! I am pissed off! But the game was amazing, but still lacking. Might as well been a frikin dream sequence! I have more confused feelings about this game than a transgender looking at a thai ladyboy...

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