Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4's Pre-Orders Available in US, Priced $450 with Star Wars Battlefront

If you want the limited edition Darth Vader PS4 with Star Wars: Battlefront and you live in the United States, it’s finally time to pre-order.

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S2Killinit893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

Its go time. I wonder how long before its completely sold out.

Cohagen420893d ago

Shouldn't take long most likely, the regular Battlefront bundle for ppl that are wondering is $399.99 USD.

morganfell893d ago

Not sure. I just saw the ad and preordered from Amazon. I will cancel that later once Best Buy brings theirs online and I get one of those.

morganfell893d ago

Best Buy's listing is now online so I ordered there and cancelled my Amazon version.

Best Buy:

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Eonjay893d ago

Love the box art. And its interesting to me that we prices are actually higher then last year for both Xbox One and PS4. Everyone has decided to make bank.

corroios893d ago

This is gonna sold out like a flash

81BX893d ago

Such a horrible looking console and controller. The destiny one better imo. Actually the best is the mgsv ps4... sweet minus the typo

OB1Biker893d ago

Matter of taste. I think it's brilliant but there should be a white one as well.

81BX893d ago

I agree 100% a matter of taste. Hell i was waiting for the halo 5 special ed. Console but i thought it was ugly lol. I bet the uncharted 4 ps4 is gonna look insane (fingers crossed).

S2Killinit893d ago

I like it personally. I think it has a sort of vintage look.

Pikminmaniac893d ago

A big THANK YOU to whoever posted this. I've been checking everyday since it was announced. Don't have to worry about not getting one anymore. Now I just have to wait until it's released.

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