When Metal Gear Solid V acknowledges, but doesn't accept your ingenuity


"Did you know the iDroid had a speaker? You can broadcast any of your cassettes aloud by turning the speaker on. Did you pick up the cassette of a guy shitting his asshole out? Yesterday I learned that if you play that boisterous bowel tape while hiding in a toilet, curious enemies will be less inclined to peek in."

Warning:Spoilers for a Phantom Pain boss fight

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Neixus1164d ago

It works, it just takes hell of a long time with the water pistol :)

scark921164d ago

I tried this admittedly..

WizzroSupreme1164d ago

I love this game so much, even when it's bad it's still so good.

Somebody1163d ago

It's a tiny water pistol against a raging fire of a man. What do you expect?

A fire hydrant, a fire extinguisher or dropping a water tank on him might be a different matter.

SlightlyRetarted1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Easter egg? A little joke?

I tried this first time also and was little bit sad that it didn't work.

ashen1221163d ago

Funny I tried the water pistol my first time it was like a eureka moment then.... It didn't work lol fission mailed