Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Pre-Orders Are Still Open In GameStop Stores

GS:" Two days ago the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition has become available for pre-order on the GameStop website. Just like it was for Amazon a few weeks ago, the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition has become sold-out in a very short amount of time on the GameStop website. If you're among those who hasn't been able to pre-order the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition, you will be happy to know that it's still possible to pre-order it by GameStop stores."

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Neonridr1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

In store maybe, online no.

which is a shame.

jholden32491110d ago

They just went online again an hour ago. Might still be available. I'd hurry and check

Neonridr1110d ago

fantastic, I was able to snag one. Thanks for the heads up.

kamikazilucas1110d ago

i hope it becomes available on amazon,

MilkMan1110d ago

So when does this become available online?

addictedtochaos1110d ago

It was already available online at Amazon and GameStop, and it sold out very quickly.

Neonridr1110d ago

It is still showing available as of 12:45PM EST on the gamestop website.

LAWSON721110d ago

Still available, glad I revisited this comment section

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