The Xbox One is finally becoming a next gen console

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Xbox One is almost unrecognizable from the machine we got at launch, and that’s a good thing"

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HanCilliers1187d ago

The Xbox One is almost unrecognizable from the machine we got at launch, and that’s a good thing.


There was a time when the Xbox One was so far behind the PS4. Good on MS for improving their console to the point where that gab is closing rapidly. And it's not only with the console, stellar exclusive rolling out as well.

FlexLuger1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It really is a great console.

Right now Im playing FM6, FH2, titanfall, halo:MCC, im getting neck deep in neverwinters new playing elite:dangerous. Oh..and smite! :)

I STIll havent played ori even though its sitting on my HDD..havent even bought SSOD yet but want to play it...halo 5 next month, tombraider the month after...gigantic and fable legends should be tonnes of fun too!

indies like, below, inside, ashen, cuphead, project solus..2016s line up..

and Im only talking about the games so far...The OS updates, incoming W10, and optimizations brought on by DX12 and future developments like cloud tech are nice touches too... ;)

I like where this is all going. Im sticking around with the xbox.

XBLSkull1187d ago

Lol, owning both a PS4 and an XB1, Xbox since day 1 has been the only console that felt "next Gen"

Ginpachi-sama1187d ago

@xblskull i agree next generation of crap

FlexLuger1187d ago


XBLskull could have chosen a better choice of words. better yet not mentioning the PS4 at all...but that fact that you came wading into an xbox article, looking for an xbox gamer to give you ammo to work with, exposes you as a fanboy yourself.

I would say the same to any xbox gamer, here. we dont have to talk about PS4 when referencing xbox. No need for the foul jabs. The xbox is a great console and we know that..we own it. Nothing more needs to be said. I would rather here about what games you are playing right now, on your X1s...Show me some dope forza or halo pics from your own galleries..but forget about PS4..we dont need to bring that up in this context. There is no real reason too.

Spotie1187d ago

You COULD say the same, but you didn't, Flex.

Not agreeing with that title, cuz it's silly. But the XB1 is definitely a completely different console than it was when it launched, and that can only be s good thing.

Automatic791187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

@Flex well said in regards to keeping it an Xbox One conversation. I personally love the Xbox One now but believe the new Experience is going to improve it in every way especially with the help of the community. As far as games go love Rare Replay enjoying the game with my daughter and Gears of War UE keeps kicking my ass on multiplayer but in a good way. I keep coming back for more. Finishing up Halo 2 on the MCC collection what an incredible job 343 did. Also, an honorable mention goes out to the team behind Blues and Bullet what a surprise, that game has a fantastic story, can't wait for the second episode.

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xxLuckyStrike1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


Fact is BOTH consoles are gimpd they both are inconsistent!! U want your game at 1080p or locked at 60fps. IMO devs have become lazy and too spread out.

I did not say this... I was not here

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Azzanation1187d ago

Well the XB1 did come out 2 years early then it should have. I don't even think MS knew what the XB1 was until there features were finished. But its good to see the console becoming a must have. I have been enjoying it since launch and I really think if your a hardcore gamer that doesn't own one, you should consider one in the near future.

nitus101186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Any console/computer that is delayed and/or refined should be better than the one that was launched before it.

The main things that hurt the launch of the XB1 were the management policies such as Kinect needed, "always on" and draconian DRM although that is subjective.

As for saying everyone should buy an XB1 that is silly since gamer's like different types of games and would purchase a console based on many factors.

As an example. I like Action/Adventure and/or RPG's and most of the games that I like are on the PS4. Of course some of them are on both platforms however I would still prefer playing them on the PS4 and I am not interested in purchasing both consoles for the odd exclusive game.

Azzanation1186d ago

Well both consoles have there fair share of exclusives in all departments so saying that 1 console counters the other out doesn't make sense since there are many games unavailable for the other console. Action/Adventure games are also available on the XB1 so your basically saying XB1 doesn't have these type of games? Both consoles are great for gamers alike, to exclude one based on your logic is wrong, to exclude a console based off affordability or Room space or no time to game on it are good enough reasons.

elarcadia1187d ago

I am definitely glad of the changes the console has gone through, particularly the changes between 2013 E3 and when the system was finally released. I have enjoyed my Xbone since the day I got it. The only thing I wish they would put a bit more time and effort into (and I realize I am one of the few who actually wants this) is the Kinect. I absolutely LOVE my 360 and Xbone Kinects...I just wish there was more to do/play with them!!

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FN4GM1186d ago


"to the point where that gab is closing rapidly"

LOL, I think you have the wrong definition in mind for the word rapidly. I get it you were fanboying but lets be real its not closing rapidly at all.

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corroios1187d ago

PR «news», it still is very far away from what gamers want. Last month sales show the reality.

The gap isnt closing is getting bigger in every territory every month. Gears, Forza and Halo arent enough. Being cheaper isnt enough, giving TVs isnt engouh, E3 or Gamescom isnt enough, DX12 or Cloud isnt enough, daily PR News isnt enough, Marketing deals isnt enough, exclusives isnt enough.

I really dont know what else can Microsoft do to change. I think they did everything and more. I really thougt that by cutting the price they would have a huge jump in sales, because it went from 500 to 349. Thats crazy.

Xbox gamers are happy and thats good, but Microsoft isnt happy about losing in every market and in some they should just close...

SirJoJo1187d ago

THiS GuY^ The concern is so real! You should open a charity

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parentsbasement1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

"Microsoft isnt happy" , as a company, Microsoft is FAR happier than Sony , (and a LOT better place to work I hear) but your right as in their little "side project" isn't king of the console sales...

IRetrouk1187d ago

Tell me what that has to do with anything? As a company micro could wipe the floor with a few but that wealth does not translate to the xbox division alone, the xbox division still has budgets and such that microsoft as a company put in place, the division doesn't just get to dip into the pot willy nilly, as a whole the playstation division is doing better than the xbox division and no amount of comparing the company's as a whole will change that.

On topic the xbox one is a hell of a lot better than it was and it keeps getting better and better, os updates and some fantastic games at the moment. If anyone is on the fence now would be a good time to get one.

freshslicepizza1187d ago

nintendo won last generation with the wii, gamers weren't happy but nintendo was. so tell us, what's the better scenario?

i think the only people who see the xbox one as not being a good system today are those who were never interested in the first place. they still love to comment about what microsoft needs to do and what the xbox one needs to do but at the end of the day it's just vaporware, they don't really care but just like to criticize.

Inzo1187d ago

You saying PS gamers arent happy? Think again.

freshslicepizza1186d ago

"You saying PS gamers arent happy? Think again."

haha, where in my response was there any context to speaking about the ps4? i would assume they are happy, nothing i said in context implied otherwise. are you now suggesting xbox one owners aren't happy? try and understand the word context. the previous poster talked about sales and how microsoft may not be happy, i was speaking about the wii's success so why assume i meant ps owners aren't happy?

nitus101186d ago

I don't know if you really can include the Wii as a last generation machine since it only supported Standard Definition TV's while the PS3 and XBox360 supported up to 1080p.

If you associate a console with TV resolution support then the Wii is in the same generation as the PS2 and we all know who won that.

Inzo1186d ago

Are you sure? maybe you should read your own post again.

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StrayaKNT1187d ago

The xbox one is the best next gen console with the best AAA games since console launch.

Ginpachi-sama1187d ago ShowReplies(3)
user99502791187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Agreed. As far as im concerned there is no question. I learned the hard way that the sort of games on Sony's platform have no appeal to me. I always thought it was just a typical gaming system so I bought one this gen... turns out its full of pretentious artsy crap, JRPGs, and sub-standard games.

When it comes to AAA gaming Xbox is clearly the king. Shooting and racing (where I spend my days), Xbox is easily in front. Games coming over from PC, MS seems to be hitting all the right notes.

strickers1187d ago

Shooting and racing. You are a typical Xbox user. Also why so many of us buy PlayStation. It's where actually interesting lives, and we can still play top class shooters and racers on top

LifeInNZ1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

@Strickers: Stop generalising to suit your cause. X1 has been the recipient of some very diverse games so far this gen. Its not like the PS4 has not had shooters and driving games as well. For months all you'd ever read about was killzone and then driveclub. Two of Sony's big releases this xmas are also shooters.

However, why dont you list all the games available for X1 that dont fit the shooter or driving category your implying. Think you'll be quite surprised.

raWfodog1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Good, be happy with what you like. I like that positivity. Be proud.

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mark_parch1187d ago

it's always been next gen, it's just even better than at launch and will continue to get better that's why I brought one

LonDonE1187d ago

Agreed, feature wise the console has been solid since day 1 and has gotten better with every update.
Games have also been good and continue to get better! i think xbox has a perception problem, and even that is getting better.

Bottom line is people are finaly waking up and noticing the x1, its a fantastic console, so is my ps4 and wiiu.
Owning all 3 is bloody AWESOME!!!

pelenow1187d ago

Condescending headline aside, this is not a bad read.