PS4 Exclusive ‘WiLD’ Looking Good; More Updates In Coming Months

Last year during Gamescom 2014, Sony revealed PS4 exclusive WiLD from Rayman creator Michel Ancel. According Sony's External Development Studio Europe (XDEV) development is underway and looking good. More updates will follow in the coming months.

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jon_snow921d ago

Hoping for New gameplay trailer PGW. Hoping this game is early 2016 release date.

BartMoons921d ago

Its been rather long since I last heard from WiLD, haven't seen any updates about this game since Gamescom 2014. Let's hope Sony shows more from this title soon. The concept is interesting but its unclear to me what the goal of the game is.

Nekroo91921d ago

Wait for Playstation Experience.

jon_snow921d ago

It's open world game with rpg element which was told during reveal. Though more info will be helpful.

bouzebbal921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

This will definitely be at PGW! Awesome i forgot all about this one..
head is spinning with all these exclusives

Septic921d ago

Shieeeee forgot about this. Looks sublime. Lots of potential

morganfell921d ago


I said months ago that it would likely be shown at the Paris Game Show. Michael Ancel and his team live and work in France so it is likely we will see it in October. This has been my most anticipated title since it was shown over a year ago.

920d ago
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Christopher921d ago

As long as it doesn't turn out like Wander...

jon_snow921d ago

Wander and Wild are totally different. Wander is non combative, non competitive and mmorpg.
While Wild from trailer we can see weapons and combativ; and it's rpg not mmorpg.
Besides Wander was buggy and incomplete game, Sony games are rarely buggy.

Christopher921d ago

***Besides Wander was buggy and incomplete game***

That's my point... Regardless who develops it, there's always the chance.

_-EDMIX-_920d ago

I could say this about any game that will release lol.

Not even the same team nor concept.

Christopher920d ago

***Not even the same team nor concept.***

Looks extremely similar to me. Especially considering we've seen squat of real gameplay that shows what the whole purpose will be.

BitbyDeath920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Looks more similar to Horizon: Zero Dawn imo
Or better yet an open world Tokyo Jungle.

Christopher920d ago

***Or better yet an open world Tokyo Jungle.***

Oh, goodness, I hope not. I'm hoping it'll be something aimed at taking on some spirit form or at least learning to do that and working your way up to new forms or something. But, no clue what it could be. I think people will play different stuff, I'm just not sure, tbh.

BitbyDeath920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

I just meant in terms of being able to play every creature and possibly even breeding mechanics.

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jb227921d ago

This is an open world I can get behind...I'm personally tired of the same barebones stories spread over the same monotonous fetch quests & murder simulators...being able to play as any creature is an amazing prospect.

Does anyone have any info as to what kind of game this will be? Is there an online mmo type of component or will it be story focused? I'm really hoping for the latter but I won't complain if they strive for a quality element of both. PGW is going to be great, aside from Quantic Dreams title they really don't even need to announce anything new to make for a quality show, showing off more from titles like Wild & Rime will make for a quality showing in & of itself, and a great appetizer for PSX

Haru921d ago

Sony has so many exclusive I almost forgot half of them, they don't even need to market them that much since they have so many

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Inzo921d ago

I wondered what happened to this game. Lets hope there is more on this game at PSExperience

ChrisW921d ago

A skeleton that walks like Jack Sparrow? Weird...

VER1ON921d ago

A skeleton makes its appearance several times in the announcement trailer and seems to fill in some roll in the 'tribe' setting of the game.

Roronoa0411921d ago

One of my most anticipated games! Looking forward to seeing more!

Yukes921d ago

With you there. It's an Ancel project so my interest is definitely piqued.

JMaine518921d ago

Yay! Was losing hope abut this game. Hopefully at one of these next few conferences Sony has coming up.

medman921d ago

Never lose hope! Keep hope alive! Bring me Wild, Rime, No Man's Sky, and The Tomorrow Children ASAP and I'm a happy guy.

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