Fall in Love in Metal Gear Solid V by Replacing Quiet with Ocelot

Let’s switch Quiet with the silver-haired Revolver Ocelot. Yes, this is the moment you’ve been awaiting for.

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TLG19911107d ago

Nothing can erase that from my brain. It's a sad day.

Snookies121107d ago

Why would you ever want to erase this from your brain? It's gorgeous, in all the right ways... Mmm, Shalashaska you sly dog, you...

TFJWM1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

I like the shower scene better!

Snookies121107d ago

@DarkOcelet - Haha, even I had to agree with your disapproval of my comment... XD

frostypants1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

I haven't played MGS5. Does the chick really do that in a scene? I can't imagine it being much less ridiculous than this (though this is hilarious)...

Elimin81107d ago

LMAORH.. Dude I laughed before I hit play and throughout the vid. Cause I'd seen the quiet vid and just knew what was coming. funny shit. I like when you get to mark 0:28. Snake's like, eww get that ass out much face. anyway funny shit man.

Elimin81107d ago

checkout snake's sleeves. It says Ocelot Hearts Snake. heheh

Dir_en_grey1107d ago

This looks like something young Ocelot from MGS3 would normally do =)

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goldwyncq1107d ago

Now do one with Code Talker.

aaron58291107d ago

omg! hhahahaha... it will effing hilarious!

SaveFerris1107d ago

How about one with Huey?

Summons751107d ago

XD best thing I've seen all day. Always knew Big Boss and Ocelot had something special since they first met in MGS3! Seriously, though that's hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.