Is this really progress? A stroll down the Gaming memory lane - Now Vs then

One would think that cutting-edge console technology would bring you nothing more than pleasure and enjoyment. Well, not quite. Because the more advanced the consoles get, the more technical issues follows. So this is my (Chris Petticrew, The Gaming Ground) thoughts on "Gaming, Now Vs then".

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FallenAngel19841188d ago

This article is right, there are so many things about the PS4 that continues to perplex me to this day.

TGG_overlord1188d ago

It´s sad but true yes...

Team_Litt1188d ago

Wait, you can't save your profile to a USB stick? The heck is the point of allowing you to save anything on it then??

So you mean to say that if want to play using your profile on another console you have to have internet access? That's kinda backwards.

TGG_overlord1188d ago

That´s what I've been told at least. I can´t confirm this though, as I have no PS4 at the moment. However, I have heard other players complaining about this as well.

LightofDarkness1188d ago

Perhaps a tad OT, but your site design is horrendous. It looks like a "planet{quake/unreal/trib es}" site from 2001.

TGG_overlord1188d ago

There will be design changes to the site in the near future. I already work 7 days a week to keep up with things. So if you have any suggestions, then go ahead.

LightofDarkness1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )


The tiled background image needs to go, and the colour needs to change. The human eye has difficulty distinguishing between blue shades, so it can interfere with other imagery. Gray (not too dark) is a great choice because practically all other colours "pop" on it. The deep blue doesn't really grab the eye much either. The space to either side of the main column can be better utilized as well, I noticed you don't seem to be employing advertising but this would be a good space for that.

The colour scheme in general ought to be looked at. There's little in the way of a consistent theme and almost no use of contrasts. Gold or saffron on what appears to be a darker teal (blue issues again) doesn't really work well either.

Over use of bold for emphasis. It interferes with the headings, which should be the primary emphasis. Use more sparingly and try italics instead. I would also use a more dramatic font and a larger font size for the headings, they need to stand out more.

Article layouts need better adjustment too. There are a number of issues here, but I would put most of this down to you not having time to re-read and analyse more than anything else.

I wouldn't align the images so hard to the left, they are better used closer to the middle of the column.

I realize you may have been simply being dismissive, but... you asked :p

Yetter1188d ago

He's just hating, your site looks fine.

_LarZen_1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Why do you have to copy your profile? You copy the save files on a USB stick/drive. Log in yo your PSN account on any other PS4 system. Copy the save files and away you go.

Team_Litt1188d ago

He explained in the article that he didn't have internet at the house he was sitting.

Spotie1188d ago

First world problems.

Team_Litt1187d ago

It's a console Spotie, a luxury item; any problems encountered are likely to be "1st world problems"
Nothing discussed on this site is ever going to be anything more than first world problems.

So if you have a point to make, or a point of view to add, now is the time.

WibbleWaffle1188d ago

You could of tethered to your mobile phone and got the data that way wouldn't have taken long, but I do see the point of this story.

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