PEGI to add FPS ratings

Since the release of the current generation of consoles the topic of resolution and FPS rates has been a lively one.

While some people claim that the human eye cannot distinguish the difference between 30fps and 60fps, others are very quick to show side-to-side comparisons which blatantly prove otherwise. The loudest group of them – the PC gamers, especially John Bain, better known as the famous YouTube celebrity TotalBiscuit.

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TABSF1188d ago

I think we're gonna see that 30fps sticker a lot :P

Featuring_Dante1188d ago

Well, to seeing more 60fps games. It should be standard.

d_g1188d ago

PC gamers be like where is the 120fps rating ?

equal_youth1188d ago

hm not bad... but what about games that cant handle a steady frame rate?

PygmelionHunter1188d ago

Introducing... The 24fps "Cinematic Experience" sticker!!!

FlexLuger1188d ago

'dynamic framerates'... lol

dumahim1188d ago

Yeah, like Forza. 60 during gameplay, but down to 30 during the transition screens.

Do they rate PC games? How will that work? Never know what the fps will be for someone due to their system.

Razputin1188d ago

Smart thing to ask. I'm assuming that if they do put a FPS sticker, it would be the minimum and probably state that it can exceed it.

Or the possibility of an "unlocked framerate".

Hopefully this comes to the US as well. Publishers need to stop with their shenanigans and be upfront with their games.

Zeref1188d ago

I don't see the point. A "Ready with minimal bugs" sticker would be more useful.

Razputin1188d ago

HA. That would be golden.

I'll gladly welcome that. It is why I tell people, game on PC -- not a job at consoles I have them all, and get your games for at most half price of the MSRP.

Why should I pay full price, for a half ass game.

I got Batman Premium for $28, Mad Max for $24, and Witcher 3 for $18 -- though I did buy the Collector's Edition of Witcher 3.

Scatpants1188d ago

How'd that Batman work out for you?

Kalebninja1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

@scatpants those with good enough PCs barely felt the effects of the bugs. Getting the games premium at a fraction of the price was well worth it. No matter how its put a good $70 was saved on batman alone.

Sly-Lupin1188d ago

A new "Nintendo Seal of Quality?"

Never gonna happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.