Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Conquers Yet Another Game Chart This Week

'Phantom Pain' proves an agonising opponent for all those below it in the charts this week

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DarkOcelet1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Congrats Kojima and Kojima Productions on your masterpiece. May Konami lose all the money they earn on gambling and Pachinkos and then shut down.

I am really glad MGSV/Mad Max/Until Dawn are on top 4 games. We need more new IPs on top.

FallenAngel19841193d ago

Idk how to feel about this. On one hand I'm glad Kojima's swansong masterpiece is a big hit, but Komami is raking in all the profits

TLG19911193d ago

it will be the last time they have success like this. at least from me.

UKmilitia1192d ago

its the last pound that they get from me.
regarding the game its amazing,im having so much fun with it.
my fav genre stealth.

dragonopt11192d ago

this game is just too good. Just beat mission 46 and while chapter 2 isn't as good as the first I'd have to say 10/10. I'm liking it even more than The Witcher 3 and that's hard to top.

medman1192d ago

MGSV = Kojima's masterclass in game development.

Coachkeys1192d ago

Konami is letting this mobile game craze get to their heads. There's a future in mobile games but mgs5 shows there's still a healthy future in console games.