The next BioShock? – We Happy Few with Guillaume Provost

Comparisons to BioShock came in pretty fast for We Happy Few. Is it a comparison you welcome?

HeadshotWe hadn’t really foreseen it, but it’s a very flattering comparison, so of course it’s welcome! Gamers and press always compare games to other games, and BioShock is a revered franchise that we are also big fans of at the studio. I think that if fans see something in our game from a franchise they loved, we can only be thankful for the association.

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DarkOcelet1162d ago

"we didn’t want to just throw something on the store, and call it “Early Access”. It felt both impersonal and a bit disrespectful to our community to just throw the game on a store page"

Early Access can be useful so the developers get feedback to improve their game so much more. As long as the developers of the game dont just stop after Early Access is out there which some developers do that is really annoying.

Christopher1162d ago

Really nothing like Bioshock, but still an interesting concept. The characters they're creating are interesting and the world is all about managing various elements so you don't stand out while not succumbing to the drug-fueled world you're attempting to escape.

FullmetalRoyale1162d ago

None of that sounds ANYTHING like Bioshock, huh?
Alright then.

Christopher1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

No, it actually doesn't.

At no time in Bioshock did I have to worry about trying to "fit in" with certain people so they wouldn't force me to take a drug that in turn resulted in me restarting the game from the very beginning. In Bioshock, you killed people who had (de)volved in nature and dealt with aggressive elements and environments aimed at killing you.

Bioshock is a linear game with a specific story. We Happy Few is far from linear while maintaining some elements of a storyline that encourages concepts found in most procedural adventure games like Rust.

If you guys are merely associating "weird people with weird tendencies" to Bioshock, then you're dumbing the concepts down to a level that I could say almost any game is like We Happy Few.

FullmetalRoyale1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

"If you guys are merely associating "weird people with weird tendencies" to Bioshock.."

Actually I am only referencing YOUR post, which I thought was obvious.
Whatever man. If you had added "and it's all under water" at the end of your first post, it very easily could have been a basic description of Bioshock. You said "Really nothing like Bioshock" then described it in a way that very well could have been a description of Bioshock.
If you can't admit that mistake I pointed out, that was essentially me just picking on you, you might have some issues. But that's none of my business.

Christopher1161d ago

No mistake there. In Bioshock you are in fact told to and need to acquire "drugs" to kill more things. In We Happy Few you don't want to take drugs, which means failure, and flee in order to not be killed.

Sorry if you chose to nitpick the comment without realizing the vast differences.

FullmetalRoyale1161d ago

Like I said; I was really just picking on you. I wasn't trying to break you like that, and for that I apologize. I really didn't expect you to throw a fit about it.

Take it easy, man! None of this stuff matters! Lol

Christopher1161d ago

Oh, you went there? Replying to people is not throwing a fit. Don't try to belittle people by acting as if someone here is throwing a tantrum.

Seriously, so immature and a way to drag your point into nothing but associating it as somehow trollish.

I'm fine, don't worry. But, heck, I guess I could just have not replied and let you feel like you had a point.

WizzroSupreme1161d ago

Seems like the kind of Bioshock that Ken Levine wanted to make all along without all the first-person shooter action.

Automatic791161d ago

I felt this game resembled Bioshock but it is definitely a unique concept can't wait to play this game.