Can Casual Games Appeal to Hardcore Gamers?

Casual games are often regarded by most gamers as, well, crap. This is mostly because the market is saturated with games directed at children who will then bug their parents to purchase all the in game-items that seem to be coated in metaphorical sugar.

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Skellytorx1194d ago

Enjoyed reading this. I've never really given my time to casual games but I've always liked the look of Fallout Shelter. Maybe it's something I will have to try!

3-4-51194d ago

Phone games are casual games.

Most console & PC games aren't casual, even if they are a bit niche.

Wii & DS has a lot of casual games, but they also had a ton of normal awesome games as well to balance it out.

A lot of those dev's jumped to iphone, but they were always casual game makers to begin with.

* The problem with casual games is they are made for 10 year olds, but in reality it's more like they are made for 5 year olds.

Mario Kart isn't casual.....there is too much skill different involved.

If MK had 4 tracks and you had to pay for more as you went, and the mechanics were worse then yes it would be casual.

c00lvilKid691194d ago

I feel the success of Fallout Shelter was predominantly because it contained so many references and elements of other games while existing in a world we all know and love. This coupled with players wanting to satisfy their Fallout fix all leads to a successful game that already has a market fanbase. Also, who doesn’t like Mario Kart Wii?!?! Amirite?

MrsNesbitt1194d ago

I dont know how people can object to Mario Kart Wii. The series is legendary.

Yukes1194d ago

Agree that if the depth is there, "casual" games can be as casual or hardcore as the player wants them to be. Mashed is a "casual" racing game, but one of the best local multuiplayer games that has ever existed because it's so easy to pick-up-and-play.

tonmori1194d ago

It really does depend upon what the player thinks, I suppose. Minecraft is, from the outside, a casual game. But the hours that people have sunk into it makes it kind of hard to define.

Maple221194d ago

I think it depends on each person, some hardcore gamers will like to have something they can dip in and out of and some will prefer to save all their energy for the big games. Also depends on the type of game I guess... Great article though, really gets you thinking about what you want from a game!

Darkwatchman1194d ago

I see no reason a hardcore gamer can't play casual. Games. If you play more niche or hardcore games and casual games, then good for you. So do I. If you ONLY play casual games, though, that's where the problem lies. I couldn't play only casual games. It's too limiting, but I enjoy playing them in addition to everything else.

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