8 Hidden Features MGS V Doesn’t Tell You About

MGS V: The Phantom Pain has a ton of stuff for players to do in its vast, open world. A lot of it, however, is pretty hidden.

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escott013891d ago

Can't wait to try the box sledding! xD

Genuine-User891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

I would add Weapon Customisation to the list as well. You need to extract 3 legendary gunsmiths in the Side-Op missions to unlock the feature.

xHeavYx891d ago

They forgot to mention that you can destroy communication radios with the water gun. It can also be used to make noise (similar to the magazine clip) and other stuff that I won't spoil.

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skydragoonityx891d ago

Been thinking how I can get suspended at work so i can have a full week to myself & mgsv :s