$114k Horror Survival Kickstarter Last Year Continues to Raise Red Flags

Greg Micek writes: "Does this mean James is going to run off with $376k (cad)? No, not at all. In fact, Last Year already has something that James’ previous games didn’t; funding. However, it does mean that by funding Last Year backers are entitled to better communication from James than what he’s delivered in the past. Simply disappearing like he did with Police Warfare and Outrise is not an option."

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RobAlmighty1192d ago

Good on the author for doing some research. This dev makes me feel very very uneasy.

StrayaKNT1192d ago

Hope they sort out the issues because I love everything I have seen and heard about this game

garyanderson1192d ago

Definitely an awesome concept. The dev just seems hella flaky.

Unyoked1192d ago

Don't trust just anyone with your money

Koopdogg1191d ago Show