A Pre-Order Divided – Growing Concerns Over Deus Ex writes:

''Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the stand out video games in recent times. The blend of cover-based action, and neatly balanced stealth mechanics, resulted in a complete video game experience. The themes touched upon in the main game were smart and compelling, mirroring modern society and works of science fiction. Human Revolution, even with it’s faults, was a fantastic piece of work, oozing with respect for the franchise.''

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Repjaws1166d ago

I think "Content Divided" is a much better name

Genova841166d ago

Oh I agree, Thief 2014 was a complete POS. Still haven't played Human Revolution, but I love the original. I'd be sad if this game realy became another mediocre shoot 'em up. No pre-order from me. Learned my lesson with thief.

MrBeatdown1166d ago

You bought the wrong game. I couldn't even get through the demo of Thief. Human Revolution is fantastic. Holds up to the original well.

SolidGear31166d ago

Me too, lol. Got the Augmented Edition of Human Revolution at launch and absolutely loved every second but Thief... 5 minutes of the demo and I was done :3

Genova841166d ago

Human revolution is in my backlog of game I own but haven't gotten around to playing. Maybe after I get tired of MGSVTPP.

MrBeatdown1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Didn't they say that the combat was one of the weaker aspects of Human Revolution? That was pretty evident in the boss battles. I think that's the only reason it's being highlighted more. They already nailed the stealth. Now they're trying to make combat equally viable.

I don't see anything wrong with the pre-order deal either. It amazes me that this is the pre-order plan to generate the most hate when it's moving away from the crappier standard practice of retailer-exclusive bonuses.

When I bought Batman, I was stuck with some dumb skin from Best Buy. I couldn't get Red Hood no matter what. It was GameStop exclusive.

With Deus Ex, sure I can't get everything, but I can get what I want the most. And I can potentially get extras like the soundtrack, which aren't things that come with a game to begin with, so there's nothing wrong in offering them as bonuses. Hell, there is no shortage of special editions that go for $80 and cram in "bonuses" like that to justify charging you more than $60.

The biggest knock against this is we can't get EVERYTHING. Welcome to five years ago. Tons of games have done this, and done so without any attempt at offering choice. At least give DX credit for doing that, and not forcing us to buy it at GameStop to get the specific bonus we want.

LordMaim1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

People were writing the exact same articles prior to Deus Ex: Human Revolution's release, and now everyone's worried that the sequel won't be as good. The lesson here is wait till the game is complete before judging it.