Just Dance To Offer Free Trial of Its New Streaming Service

Get a free trial of the new streaming service when you buy Just Dance 2016

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1106d ago

It's amazing how Just Dance continues to plug along and thing of new things to do. My daughter loves it.

Digital_Anomaly1106d ago

Don't know much about playing the game but I sure do enjoy watching the dancers at E3! Haha

MercilessDMercer1106d ago

Am I the only one surprised that this franchise still has legs?

Skate-AK1106d ago

Yes you are. The game is a gold mine and makes millions every year.

generalwinter1106d ago

Not sure if dancing games can really make it any more

MRBIGCAT1106d ago

This game remains rock solid. Not the prettiest but year after year the franchise delivers.