Nintendo has sold 7 million Amiibos in the U.S. since November

According to today’s release from The NPD Group market research firm, Nintendo reported that it’s sold 7 million of its Amiibo toys-to-life figure

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JeffGrubb1139d ago

That's a lot of plastic.

3-4-51139d ago

All that Profit going towards the NX.

Kingdomcome2471139d ago

Hopefully it is being funneled towards the development of the NX in a really smart and meaningful way. I want to see three very healthy competitive consoles on the market. We the market, can without a doubt, support three consoles.

Ck1x1138d ago

I was thinking about the very same thing happening with Nintendo's mobile games as well. I believe that their mobile games alone will be such a lucrative business that it will offset what they need to spend in the portable and home sector all together. Maybe such a money cushion will bring about the very aggressive Nintendo of the nineties.

Master of Unlocking1137d ago

Good point. I don't know what those amiibos are or what is it exactly they do that warrant such extravagant sales frenziness, but since I keep seeing articles on the internet about how well those gadgets fare on the market in spite of their steep price, Nintendo must be making a ton of cash thanks to them (and Mr Iwata who invented them of course) and thus has no excuse this time to come up with an underpowered system again. It's high time they came back into the circle of real players with a console as powerful as the PS4 and X1, which should finally allow consumers who purchase their product to get all the third-party titles owners of the other two systems enjoy.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1139d ago

I wonder how many Mega Mushrooms that could buy...XD

BLAKHOODe1139d ago

I prefer Disney Infinity.

gangsta_red1139d ago

Nintendo hit the jackpot with this! Congrats

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