Metal Gear Solid V Is Way More Fun When You Stop Caring About Your Score


When you finish a mission in The Phantom Pain, the game dishes out a letter grade, based on your performance—S, A, B, C, etc. For the first few hours, I found this paralyzing, as I got anxious over any mistakes. Now, having ceased caring what the game thinks of me, I’m enjoying it a lot more.

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ArchangelMike1194d ago

This is exactly what I've been trying to tell all those who think the game is repetitive. Call in air strikes, upgrade D-Walker to the teeth and go in guns blazing. You really don't have to crawl everywhere. I love the variety in the game.

Aloy-Boyfriend1194d ago

It beats the purpose of "Tactical Spionage Operations."

this is a stealth game at its core. When I do Side OPs or free roam and I get spotted, I mostly go nuts shooting everyone. But in main missions, i gotta go for that S rank bro. So far I've gotten 3 S and the rest are some As and Mostly Bs. Stealth can also be fun and it's actually more rewarding: planning your tactics and finishing the missions with no kills and without being spotted like a Boss

ArchangelMike1194d ago

Dont get me wrong, I do always start wil absolute stealth. There's way more tension to a mission when you're actually trying to be stealthy. But even in getting an S-Rank there are still fun ways to go about that. But once I get spotted or the enemy raise the alarm - then all bets are off and I just pull out the BIG guns!

Irishguy951194d ago

Mix it up though
Stealth is great sure
But variety is the best

Sometimes I kill no one
Sometimes I kill withoiut discretioin, leaving only the ones I want to abduct alive. Air strikes, choppers etc, Headshots with rifle = fun

Reminds me of dishonored. Don't make killing so fun if you gonna penalize it. Luckily mgs5 only penalises it with points....i hope

SlightlyRetarted1194d ago


Killing gives you also Demon Points. Have enough DP, and your horn grows.

hay1194d ago

Oh noes! Too much variety!

Irishguy951194d ago

Eh! Wtf is this demon points!??

The horn growing is the only thing right?

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LightofDarkness1194d ago

I actually did the crazy thing I laughed at the thought of last night. I blared "Fuel" by Metallica out of my chopper, terrifying the main camp in Afghanistan, while I went 100% loco on everything in sight. I don't know if I've laughed and smiled so much playing a game in ages.

Featuring_Dante1194d ago

Kotaku telling me how to have fun...........

Zizi1194d ago

No. To me, getting S rank in every mission is far more fun and cool.

BattleAxe1194d ago

I think most games are more fun when you forget about score and rank.

WitWolfy1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

The score doesnt bother me AT ALL.. What does bother me is getting spotted then immediatley getting bullets sprayed from every possible direction. That pisses me off!!

Most of the time I have to redo a whole section thanks to this games' idiotic timed checkpoints.

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Featuring_Dante1194d ago

Indeed, the checkpoint system is awful. If you get caught you have the option to replay the last 20mins of your life or make the game a shooty shoot. Both option suck and are not satisfying.

Irishguy951194d ago

I disagree, theres a price to pay for getting caught. This is the way games should be. At least the souls games got it right on this aspect.

Also, getting caught is not bad at all, its been easy enough to escape for me.

SlightlyRetarted1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Love the game, but the checkpoints suck balls. You play last 15min again or for example you die while extracting a prisoner, get spotted, base is in combat mode, you die CHECKPOINT! You are pretty much on the same spot where you died and have your target on your shoulder and base is not in combat mode anymore.

I've always liked the idea of limited manual saves + checkpoints in stealth games. Get 4 manual saves per mission. Have a spot that needs good timing to get past guards. Use a manual save. And they need to be limited, it was pretty stupid to play Chaos Theory on PC back in the day when you could pop that F5 and quick save pretty much after every enemy. Took away the tension.

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