Why Metal Gear Solid V's Ending Is So Disappointing

Metal Gear Solid V is a stellar game, with top-notch stealth action and a malleable world that leads to all sorts of memorable moments. Too bad the ending is such a mess.



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HaydenJameSmith1194d ago


For those who havent finished but yeh the article perfectly outlines the big problem with MGS5... this was suppose to be the game that would bring the whole series full circle... but it didnt. Its still a great game but Metal Gear fans are disappointed and rightly so.

Rimeskeem1194d ago

Oh shoot, totally forgot to warn about spoilers, thank you. And yes, by no means is the game bad but the ending could have been improved.

AlphaKennyOne1194d ago

I love the gameplay but the story is so painfully bad and the game is obviously not finished. Everybody who gave it a perfect score has been blacklisted to my eyes. That's exactly why I never trust big companies that review games like ign or gamespot. Trash. They just gave it a perfect score to keep getting games early so they can keep handing out high reviews and lying to people.

showtimefolks1194d ago

ok correct me if i am wrong

but didn't we get all the answers in MGS4 ending? so why do people expect closure when closure was delivered in 2008

or maybe i am missing something

Spoiler alert:

also there is another ending in MGS5 too

rdgneoz31194d ago


Yah, MGS5 has the regular ending for it. And if you want the true ending for the game, you work a little bit more for it (which you can get without losing a certain friend).

But overall, MGS4 takes place after it chronologically and wraps up the series.

C L O U D1194d ago

Ending made me feel a certain type of it, Phantom Pain?

I'm a fan of the series but I was left disappointed as one as well. I see people trying to justify the ending, I guess my expectations were very high prior to the release.

I have no hope anymore, I want to believe its a ruse but I just expect the worse from now on...

As most said...gameplay wise its brilliant, story wise not even close to any other in the franchise.

Haru1194d ago

Agreed, the gameplay is fantasic but the story is a major step down from the previous metal gear games

flyingwombat331194d ago

Honestly, I don't fully agree. I think the game does some brilliant theme exploration. That does keen that the story ends up being more functional and contemplative and less emotional, but I think that lends itself better to an open world in the first place. I will agree that the ending leaves a lot to be desired in terms of tying up loose ends. You have to appreciate it as a standalone piece of self expression and not really an entry in the franchise if you want to enjoy it.

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MysticStrummer1194d ago

I can't read this because I'm still playing the game, but I watched a spoiler free IGN discussion about the quality of the story earlier and I'm wondering if the ending being discussed here is the actual ending. In the video they talked about the fact that there is more to the story after the credits roll. I don't watch many of their discussions but that one interested me and there were points made for both the "more story is better" crowd and the "less story is better" crowd. I'm in the "I don't care because the gameplay is fun" crowd, though it won't surprise me if MGS3 is still my favorite when I'm done.

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