DX12 Will Allow Game Code To Run Faster On Xbox One/PC, Better Post Processing Effects

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr developers on the benefits of the upcoming API and why they went multiplatform.

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AngelicIceDiamond1167d ago

That should be interesting. I just wanna see what DX12 is all about in realtime.

Kingthrash3601167d ago

Same here. There is a lot of stuff I want to see in real time. I feel like we have been talking about dx12 for an eternity. So many arguments and predictions...I'm glad everything will soon come to light and we will see exactly what's what.

Griever1167d ago

I just want them to release DX12 asap so we can get this over with. People have been debating and arguing for at least a year about what DX12 will do for Xbox One. Once it is released we will finally know the truth.

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donthate1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


Except for the people using the DX12 saying they are getting at leas 20% boost in performance completely for free on Xbox One.

That is without optimizing even.

I think you should perfomance discussions to real developers (like these guys working on Warhammer) instead of armchair developers like you.


Like anything, DX12 will show a boost, but the Xbox ONe like any console will continue to get drastic improvements over time.

DX12 isn't the end of it, and it will jsut take it's natural course.

APexGamer451167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


People using? You know Project Car dev later clarified it was for PC only. Not Xbox....

Armchair Dev?

I am quoting Spencer AND MS Developer and engineer.

"low-level APIs already available on Xbox One today."
"brings this efficiency to PC and Phone as well"
and Spencers famous "this wont be dramatic" also?

Everytime I hear you post, it is always about some secret sauce that never materialize.

I think you need to leave it to people who actually made the program and who actually makes Xbox instead of out of context quotes from Gamebolts... lol seriously..

MrSec841167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

The API in XB1 is already low-level before DX12 comes into play.

DX12 is about changing how the CPU talks to the GPU. DX11 and other past APIs only allowed for a single CPU core to talk to the whole GPU, while also having more more complicated layers of the Application Programming Interface (API) to go through before commands could be directly dealt with by the physical hardware, that was on the PC, consoles have always had a lower level API from even day one.

PC always needed a higher level one in the past because of the hugely complicated variation in everyone having different set-ups, but over time the way that's been handled has gotten a lot better, hence why we're at the point where low level APIs can begin to be used on a multitude of PC set-ups.

DX12, Vulkan and PS4's GNM/X API all allow for lower level coding, along with permitting all CPU cores to talk to whichever portion of the GPU they're required to, effectively making substantially better use of the GPU and no longer wasting system resources per Microsecond.

Technically the most current XB1 version of DX11 can allow for multi-core talk to the GPU, but it's way more complicated than DX12 is, requires more specific coding to make it work, DX12 makes this a more automated thing and provides developers better tools to optimize for multi-threading.

This article is literally talking about DX12 in isolation, that it will be an improvement over past versions of DirectX, it's not a comparison to any other API, so the headline is click-bait, made to get people to click on it to get views.

For reference Naughty Dog's lead programmer talked about how PS4's Job System works, it basically does this, but the tools being developed by the ICE Team allow for more fine grain control, working on fibers, which each represent a specific fraction of CPU core performance, each thread can deal with multiple fibers, all cores can also talk to a specific amount of the GPU as and when developers need them too.

I'm sure Microsoft has their own similar approach to multi-core built into DX12 if it benefits their purposes, Vulkan would also be the same.
Various game engines will gradually become optimized to handle this too as they adopt the various different ways each API functions.

Anyone thinking one API is superior to another really has no clue what they're talking about, it's all down to the hardware, that is the most fundamental element in all of this.
If one system has a certain set of weaknesses then they will be improved upon, same goes for any other.


fr0sty1167d ago

Wait, was that a glimmer of intelligence among this sea of idiocy? Thanks! I was beginning to lose hope in mankind. I don't know how many times both MS and well respected developers have put this garbage to rest, people will still cling to every last word they can from websites of ill repute that gives this secret sauce myth any possible hope.

Kingthrash3601167d ago

I guess my comment rubbed some the wrong way....
I'll put it plain.
Dx12 has been over hyped. ..Phil has said it won't do much for xbox...will do wonders for pc. People still talk as if dx12 will do something significant for xbox one...even some devs.
So what I'm saying is...good or bad... I'll be glad when this subject is put to rest.
I own a Xbox if it works great...then great! If it doesn't doesn't .
My opinion is I think it won't boost much...if any. But that's just my opinion. If I'm wrong it's a win because I'll have a stronger console...ifff I'm right then it proves how over hyped features are for the Xbox one.

r1sh121166d ago

guys dx12 is already released and built into Win 10..
BUT 0 games have used it, partly because many games have yet to integrate dx12 (if already released) -so some work might be happening.

And other games are going to release later this year or next year.
The new hitman game is going to use dx12 if Im not mistaken, and I believe EA have it in frostbite (not sure if that includes battlefront).

Kleptic1166d ago

^yeah rumors are that Frostbite will definitely have it, but that...per a vague sweeping statement from Dice LA and Visceral that doesn't specify if it will ever be in FB3 (as in the current engine, or future FB engines)...or Battlefront, which DICE proper hasn't even confirmed if that is FB3 iirc... does make sense...DX12 shares a lot in common with Mantle, of which FB3 currently supports (and with great results on specific equipment)...on my 280x with a relatively weak A10 6800k quad core cpu...i sit in the mid 70's on ultra detail in 64 player conquest large in BF4...the exact same equipment and clock speeds net me low 60's, with mins into the low 40's, with dx11.x...but again, thats on a cpu bound PC, which was the primary target for mantle...with a more powerful cpu, the gains aren't nearly as noticeable...

back on topic, though...I agree with others...The xbox one is not currently running anything close to DX11...nearly every PC game currently is...DX11 to DX12 will make a substantial difference on a PC...but 'some current low level API' to DX12 on a console...doesn't add up as much imo...its not like the XBO's current API is lacking in terms of to the metal coding...Most of the hype around DX12 on XBO is centered around cross compatability between PC game features and those on the far as rendering, i just can't see how DX12 is going to be so much better than its current low level api...consoles have always had that as a strength, its a fundamental advantage of closed proprietary hardware...

TheCommentator1166d ago

Yes, DX11 on XB1 is multicore, but all of the CPU cores bottleneck into one core that talks to the GPU. DX12, Mantle, Vulkan, and PS4's API are built to allow all cores direct access to the GPU.

XB1 will see a boost with DX12. Phil never says NO performance gain.

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Anomander1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

If you have a PC and Win 10 and about $50 you can pick up Ashes of the Singularity where it uses DX12 to play on Win 10. It also has a benchmark program allowing you to benchmark the game on DX11 and DX12. Pretty good comparison on what DX12 can do with the added CPU power to it.

My thoughts for the Xbox is it will get an improvement as well, but not like what PC is getting since I still feel the CPU is still weak.

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UKmilitia1167d ago

i just want it released so all the arguments can stop.

its going to make a difference but its going to be variable.

GamerfromOz1167d ago

Although I would be more than happy for the arguments to stop once it is released, I doubt very much that will happen. Especially on a site like this.

NatFanBoyRestricted1167d ago

Before the armchair experts get started, can we all for once acknowledge this is from Gamingbolt, and all they do is fuel the fanboy culture? You guys need to stop taking this stuff in, stop counting pixels and such. And need to get into more about what really matters, the games. Like EA releasing broken games like BF4, and Ubisofts Assassin''s Creed unity, and the latest, Destiny's hypefest 2.0. Got it?

UKmilitia1166d ago

dont need to count pixels dude,xbox one gamers happy playing sub HD because graphics dont make any difference to game

NatFanBoyRestricted1166d ago

Resolution and graphics are two different things, it's OK to sacrifice some resolution for graphics. Or even for better framer per second. Look at the extra bushes and grass in GTA5 on PS4,any extra bump in graphics make a difference.

PistolsAtDawn1166d ago

Yeah, but the catch is that even after it releases the "deabtes" will still rage on, because the first wave will just be games that "support" DX12....aren't made for it (and some people will jump all over the games for not changing "as much as promised")...then games made from the ground up with DX12 in mind will start to we still have a while to get a sense of DX12 in realtime :)

...either way it's exciting.

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raggy-rocket1167d ago

*obligatory 'knew it was gamingbolt' comment*
*olbigatory fanboy comment saying this will 'save' the xbox one, bring everything to 1080p and wil make it catch up to PS*
*Obligatory fanboy comment saying this will do nothing to help Xbox games and it's all just a PR campaign*


Kingthrash3601167d ago

Lol....that about sums the future comments up.

Zeref1167d ago

That sounds about right.
Read this and you pretty much know what will be/is going on in this comment section.

Mega241167d ago

INB4 you get labeled as a troll.

Pogmathoin1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Where is the obligatory sales # comments and Xbox catching up comments though?

Serious though, cloud technology, DX12, around the corner, lets see if X1 was in fact designed properly!

fulnattybrah1167d ago

Except games are already 1080p on Xbox... Derp,derp... Of course Sony fans don't know that... Ps4 still doesn't have an exclusive run 1080p 60fps locked... But it's sooooo powerful? Lmao

NatFanBoyRestricted1166d ago

The whole teraflop statement still has to prove itself. Multiplats are the only thing that show on the PS4, but you gotta stop playing and grab a magnifier glass. So they then fall back on console sales like Sony cuts them a check, like please, your paying to show loyalty, then talk down on Xbox to get a bunch of agrees to feel good about your purchase

Outside_ofthe_Box1167d ago

I enjoy reading your comments, man.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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AquarianKing1167d ago

Definitely for the PC. My GTX 980 is ready! I'm looking forward and curious to see what it will do for Xbone especially with that GPU/CPU. I still think DX12 will work better with Intel CPU and processors just like in the past. AMD :/

kickerz1167d ago

Yeah Intel CPUs are definitely the best, not sure weather to go Nvidia or AMD video card at the moment.. Decisions decisions.

AquarianKing1167d ago

I use to have a AMD card and had a few problems with it but I switch to Nvidia and I absolutely love it. I also have less problems with my Nvidia card and its way more powerful.

Bobafret1167d ago

I just switched back to an Nvidia 970GTX and I am giddy over the stability and being able to max everything out. There is also noise and voltage to consider, this is a quiet card and doesn't require a generator to be powered.

Ninjatogo1167d ago

Go with the green team (Nvidia). Better performance per watt and better software support. In my case they are also better for ray tracing programs such as Blender.

kickerz1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Thanks guys I was sure I was gonna get the 970 gtx but did read AMD was working better with dx 12.. Will still go nvidia I think.

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MeliMel1167d ago

I thought DX12 was showing better performance on AMD hardware.

Imortus_san1167d ago

DX12 Will Allow Games to be ported more easly then ever to Xbox One, that about the major importance of DX12 for Xbox One.

sammarshall1021167d ago

Cool so when does your Xbox One game come out?

NatFanBoyRestricted1166d ago

Already started since E3, believe is called the Game preview program, which should be avaliable to preview program members for now.

Lenrulesdaworld1167d ago

no there is actually more to it than that

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