Rocket League Patch 1.05 Rolling Out Now On All Formats

GS:" Last week we have reported that the new Rocket League patch, patch 1.05, was going to be released within two weeks on both PC and PlayStation 4. It seems like things went better than anticipated, as the patch is now available for download on both PlayStation 4 and PC."

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FunAndGun1190d ago

Nice! Looking forward to it when I get home.

Aggesan1190d ago

Nice patch. Fixes all the stuff I had issues with.

UKmilitia1190d ago

whats really annoyed me is since the day i played this (launch day for it)i had the loud fan and then ever since my fan noise has been really loud when playing pretty much anything.

paul-p19881190d ago

Time to get my season rank up to Platinum then! I will not allow myself to be lower than gold haha

Budobear1190d ago

It's made things worse for me, I never had any issues before the update but now the game freezes

Wh15ky1190d ago

Same here. I've had freezing issues, no audio and taking an age to find a match.

Palitera1190d ago

"Note: Season 1 will last for the next several months. An end date will be announced several weeks in advance"

Oh, God... Why?!?!?!
Are they trying to kill such a huge hit?

Make the leagues monthly, with monthly prizes, and you'll keep your players hooked. Only a tiny portion of players will keep a multi-month quest for leaderboards.