Mushroom Kingdom Myths Answered by Shigeru Miyamoto

Was Super Mario Bros. 3 all just a performance?

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MilkMan1186d ago

Super mario 3. Finally good not to speculate. Also the fact that Miyamoto didn't make any levels isn't a surprise. Man doesnt work, he directs and when.he does work its a hot mess. Im.afraid his best days are behind him.
Its cool, cant be on top forever.

Metallox1186d ago

"Man doesnt work, he directs."

Contradiction right there. Directing entire and big projects is not that easy.

But hey, I kind of agree with you on this one. I don't like the vision he's looking for Nintendo games anymore.

N4g_null1186d ago

Cool concept and mario 3 is still one of my favorites due to the skill level on the battleships. What is cool is he isn't making these games. Other people in nintendo are. I find this fascinating because that means mario can live on when miyamoto retires.

I'm also happy he isn't working on the hardware. I love his design additions to the consoles as extras, yet it's time they try a different route hardware wise. We will see fully what route this is besides the known rumors.

franwex1186d ago

It was all a play?? Daaang....

Summons751186d ago

Well that was a little disappointing. I was expecting questions about the Koopa Kids, or finally debunking who Rosalina's parents are. Still some interesting questions in there though.

Skate-AK1186d ago

Hopefully this is a monthly thing. Those answers were very short.

HentaiMasterRace1186d ago

Awesome! It was all just a performance!

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The story is too old to be commented.