Pokémon Go: Is 27 an acceptable age to start a Pokémon adventure?

Chou may be 27, but his dreams of being “the very best” are still real!

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ChouDa1191d ago

If 10 year olds can do it, SO CAN I! I'm just afraid of wandering into a playground with my smartphone out, grinning like an idiot, wearing an Ash Ketchum outfit. People might get the wrong idea...

ZeroSkerbo1191d ago

OMG I'm so down for this!!! I better get a frequent flyer card cause I'm going to be traveling a lot!

shocked6861191d ago

There is no wrong age! Ash is basically immortal anyway.

ChouDa1191d ago

Too true. Forever 10, a new line of clothing, inspired by Ash Katchum.

MPScrimshaw1191d ago

Where the heck was this like 10 years ago. Dreams do come true

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The story is too old to be commented.