Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All of the Original's Flaws That Need Fixing

Movie Pilot: "Even though Final Fantasy 7 is often considered to be one of the greatest games of all time, no game is perfect. There have been massive improvements to the face of video games since 1997 and naturally, if your replay Final Fantasy 7 today - even if you're the most avid fan of the game - you will run into frustrations. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake aims to remove these frustrations, improve the games graphics, environments, sounds and voices along with them.

But what are the main issues that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake should focus on? Square Enix has the difficult task of balancing what makes the original great and what fans love, while removing aspects that will frustrate modern audiences. So let's take a look at the main parts of Final Fantasy 7 that need fixing before the Remake's release date!"

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ninsigma1164d ago

The dialogue options is a good idea, could be interesting to have more depth to conversations with the other characters in the world!

DragonKnight1164d ago

It's not likely to happen though because that would require writing and voicing them and they probably don't want to do that. I can't see them wanting to add more work than they have to onto the game.

ninsigma1164d ago

That's true. Though maybe they could do text for out of context dialogue. Or they may surprise us all and put that effort in for such a thing. I really want more info on this. I want to see the world on current tech already xD

Irishguy951164d ago

Expand on everything, improve the combat be it via action based or something simply less tedious

Bebedora1164d ago

You should stop taking that leprechaunt spring water. It obviously makes you crazy.

Dabigsiebowski1164d ago

SE should stop banking on casuals and give the true fans what they really want.

Irishguy951164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Haha cause action RPG fans are casual(**** every FF is more casual than the witcher, or Dark souls), riggght. FF7 is my favorite game of all time...or at least its tied with MGS3. However it could be even better than it was all that time ago.

Also Bedebora..we leprachauns don't drink water! We drink guinness. And only guinness. In fact are whole diet consists of guinness. The potato thing is a myth so don't even try!

Bebedora1164d ago

Not to be a smart a**, but isn't that spring water for a leprechaunt? :)

ninsigma1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I'm a true fan (played on back when it was new) and I really want action rpg.

Not everyone wants it to be the same. A lot of people want it to become bigger than what it was and make use of that new tech that's available. Have some awesome real time combat that still incorporates materia use and limit breaks. Have the combat more difficult than normal real time combat games. Flesh out the story so we get more of the world. Add a lot of depth to the characters, I want to know them so much more than I do. I want incredible summon animations for the magnificent summons in the game. Make those Weapon fights on such an epic scale. My God I could just imagine massive difficult fights against the weapons that takes a huge amount of skill to beat. There's so much opportunity to expand this into something magnificent as long as the devs aren't shackled to the past.

1164d ago
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trywizardo1164d ago

same story , same characters , same world but expanded and fully open world . change the combat to Xii one or close to FFxv :3
and big ass summons :D

ninsigma1164d ago

Could you imagine Knights of the round with a ff15 style summoning!? :O

trywizardo1164d ago

lightning hits everywhere and then they appear , big light flash . every enemy on the ground is killed xD

DOMination-1163d ago

Don't give SE ideas. They'll see that and think you mean Lightning the character

ninsigma1164d ago

It's totally gonna be grander than that xD

k2d1164d ago

I.. I actually agree with the with this article. Dialog options were already present in the original.. I would like to see even more options where it fits the story, or in cases where there's little bearing on the story.

I don't agree with the miss-able items though. Their there for a reason, and W-item is basically a cheat.

paul-p19881164d ago

As long as the W-Item glitch is still there I will be happy, maybe my favourite glitch of any game due to it's simplicity, and how you can become a millionaire within a couple of minutes of item duplications haha

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