The Voice Actress of Marlene from The Last of Us Might Play a Role in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Today you might have gotten an interesting hint on another member of the cast of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Creative Director Neil Druckmann himself retweeted a tweet by Merle Dandridge, who played Marlene in The Last of Us.

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DarkOcelet1192d ago

Half Life+Naughty Dog, i dont think i can handle it.

Abriael1192d ago

No worries, it'll never happen. Besides, ND does better with its own ips :D

Rimeskeem1192d ago

If Naughty Dog made a My Little Pony game I would buy it.

Bathyj1192d ago

You are right, but I'd like them to do Siphon Filter if they ever wanted to take on someone elses IP, which they wont.

Travis37081192d ago


I would pre-order with no worries..

Bathyj1192d ago

Nice. Shes hot. All voice actors are hot for some reason. Weird.

jb2271192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Bet she's voicing that mercenary on the cover of the steel book...the Game Informer article released a couple months after the reveal gave their names & outlined their roles, sounds like she has a group of mercenaries not too dissimilar from the Fireflies & the picture of her even kinda looks like Marlene.

"Nadine Ross is the owner of a South African security company, giving her a near endless supply of mercenaries and weapons. Her troops are highly trained, and are more capable combatants and trackers than we’ve seen in other Uncharted games. It sounds like she will stop at nothing to get the treasure. She sides with Rafe Adler to track it down."

I really dig the way ND has marketed this game, giving us bits & pieces and info on the main players but not too much info so that the game is spoiled...they've given us a pretty strong through line for all of the content we've seen so far as well & from what I can piece together it'd go like this:

The e3 2015 demo starts us off where we are trying to get Sam back from Rafe & his men, by the end of that demo we have got the band back together & we've found the location for the hidden pirate treasure is in Madagascar, from there I'm assuming they take either a boat or a plane but there is some kind of accident that separates Nate from Sam (not sure if Sully took the trip with them or not) which leads to the E3 2014 trailer where Nate has washed ashore Madagascar in the evening. After a bit of a hike, Nate ends up in the Madagascar demo from PSX as daylight has dawned where he finally reunites with Sam. At this point my curiosity is piqued & I don't really need to see anymore demos, but I would like a cool story trailer during PSX to tide us over.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1192d ago

For those that are interested she is also Alyx Vance in Half Life 2. She is a really awesome voice actress.

jb2271192d ago

Oh, so that's what the Half Life reference in the tweet was about...I was wondering where that was coming from

Eonjay1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I love her.

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