This November, Your Xbox One Gets Faster and More Social than Ever

This fall marks an important moment in the history of Xbox as Xbox One readies for its biggest update yet – a completely re-imagined Xbox One, inspired by your feedback, brings the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever. You will also be able to play your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One at no additional cost. The New Xbox One Experience is releasing alongside the greatest games lineup in Xbox history, making it an incredible holiday for our fans.

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sammarshall1021162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Xbox One has been improving with every update

And bring on those backward compatibility games

Foehammer1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Those are some awesome features, and "at no additional cost", the value it brings to the gamer is simply outstanding.

Add to that an AMAZING line-up of indie and Block Buster AAA games, both 3rd party and 1st party, and MS have some very, VERY happy customers.

XboxOneX1162d ago

Yes Foehammer you are correct the blockbuster games coming out are crazy and I cant wait for it. I am also going to pick up an ELITE controller with the paddles as soon as its available.


Septic1162d ago

Super hyped!! Cant wait for the new dash.

babyhand1162d ago

Lol at disagrees

It's his opinion.

babyhand1162d ago

People disagree with anything
I'll prove it
And Counting

Good for xbox

donthate1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Who would have thought in 2013 that two years later, Xbox One turns out to be the console with the most features, the best support from the platform holder and have the greatest game lineup in console history?

On top of that we got BC, new dashboard, EA Access, GwG for Xbox 360 working on Xbox One, monthly feature update, Crackdown 3 cloud technology and so on!

It is a good dang time to be an Xbox One gamer and if you aren't, don't be left out and jump in!

Bought the Xbox One Day One Edition, and never looked back. Own a PS4 for Last of Us Remaster, and well.... waiting for Uncharted 4 since.

StanLee1162d ago

Just remembering where the XBox 360 started to where it eventually evolved to, this fall update is exciting. Look forward to Microsoft continuing to evolve the XBox platform.

extermin8or1162d ago

...... The quality of its gaming lineup is totally subjective and even going by critical review averages they break even across the for support xbox has had more frequent updates this gen but support is about the same.

AngelicIceDiamond1162d ago

Still love how you can play MP BC 360 games from your X1 to the 360 universe. Everything is nicely compatible and clean in the next update.

A much faster and intuitive interface is a must. Finally MS finally. And better store set up, its about time lol.

Ginpachi-sama1162d ago

@donothate what you're saying only counts for na more than half of those features are useless outside of NA and no this is not hating this is a fact that upsets me and other people outside of na

frozen-assets1162d ago

Lots of the comments lately read more like PR statements than gamers simply sharing their opinions. Just seems to be a trend of late.

"Our console of choice just got X, when combined with Y and Z it makes it an amazing time to be a gamer, I'm so hyped!!"

yeah yeah put it back in your pants buster

dirkdady1162d ago Show
otherZinc1162d ago

Yes, I agree completely! Incredible AAA Games!

Starting with Gears Ultimate. Now the all powerful:
Forza Motorsport 6.
Picked up the Ultimate Version just to play early! Incredible Racing Game!

Haru1162d ago


'It is a good dang time to be an Xbox One gamer and if you aren't, don't be left out and jump in! '

LOL you sound just like a salesman, how much did Microsoft pay to sell us the console? they probably paid you good since you're trying so hard to convince us

PFFT1162d ago

The XB1 is an amazing machine and its only getting better.

BeefCurtains1162d ago


LOL, have you ever read one of your own comments? Clearly a sony employee

Nice to see another positive X1 article with good X1 gamer comments. Very little trolling, *ahem, Haru*.

n4rc1161d ago


ummm... care to name even one of those features thats NA only?

andibandit1161d ago

All I need is that they remove the "press B" to launch latest application, feature.

Volkama1161d ago

Interesting that they've opted to get the key functions to overlay games, like the 360 guide. Switching between the game OS and system OS was quite central to the Xbox One experience, but everyone wanted the guide back. Shows Microsoft really are taking feedback on board.

I wonder how the change to Windows 10 will impact those 2 OSs. Will there still be 2? Will both get a new Windows 10 kernel? Will 2 become 1?

Off-topic, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with an opinion.

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XboxOneX1162d ago

I love the direction that Microsoft is taking towards improving the Xbox One. I am proud to own a DAY ONE EDITION console and have loved EVERY minute of using it.

Ravenor1162d ago

I can't take this guy seriously.

its_JEFF1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

@Ravenor hahaha... I'm gonna have to agree to an extent. I'm a Playstation guy, have been since I left Nintendo, I don't ever give Sony a pass when they F'up. None of these companies should get a pass for when the F'up. It's cringe worthy when I see a PS fan gush over how "great" Sony/PS and give them passes on their BS... When I see those/these types of post it's almost like the poster is trying to convince themselves of their purchase/loyalty.

But I do agree that the direction that MS is taking is a very admirable one but one they HAD to make in order to salvage this generation aka still make some MONEY! Nintendo/Sony/MS all had to eat their pride at one point or another to make sure they stay in business. Good Job MS!

shloobmm31162d ago


So you must be pretty upset with Sony right now.

bryank751162d ago

@donthate The most features? The best support? Are you deluded? The x1 Is still struggling to stay above water while the PS4 innovates with spotify music, share play and more streaming options (uplay, youtube and twitch)

The reason you are not forced to buy from a curated MS run overpriced digital shop is because of Sony. The reason you have free games every month is because of sony and the reason that x1 sells for 350 now is cause of sony.

Who ever said it was the best lineup "in console history"? NOBODY... they said it was the best lineup in Xbox history. First of all the games are a subjective issue. Then IMO what you have is a remaster, two overexposed and dated franchises and a title that MS paid to keep away from a console it sells more on and is historically associated with.

If this is your historical linup, it is laughable.
This holiday isnt considered a good one for PS but it still has Until Dawn, Tearaway, UC collection and Persona 5 (in the US).

As you can see PS has a more diverse and interesting lineup with multiplats covering the other bases.

Automatic791162d ago

Well said XboxOneX. I feel the same exact way. Xbox One is incredible and the games offer so much value. Can't wait for August update

Rookie_Monster1162d ago

Well said xboxonex,

The console just gets better and better. Can't wait for the full BC list and Tomb Raider and Halo 5 to arrive in a couple months along with the Elite Controller. Great time to be XB1 owners and if you haven't jump in yet, November is the time.

dirkdady1162d ago Show
Rachel_Alucard1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

But looking at drone comments is part of the fun of comment posting! His name alone already shows which team he's rooting for right from the start so you don't even need to read the comment to know what it says.

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1162d ago
XanderZane1162d ago

Greatness is coming...
I'm glad they are revamping the "HOME" button. It should have been similar to the XBox 360 version anyways. The 360's "HOME" button is pretty much perfection. Can access all the important things with just one button push. With the new UI, Win10 and DX12 all coming, this update is going to be awesome.

CartBlanche1162d ago

Once BC is available could you add a note to your calendar to please post here in 3 months, then 6 months how many BC games you've been playing regularly?

Fact is if BC games are the games you are playing the most, then that means Microsoft is doing a terrible job and your console has *nothing* new to play.

sammarshall1021162d ago

MS is doing a better job as far as exclusives as they've ever done

Backwards compatibility will just add greatness and be a ton more icing on an already delicious cake

Condemnedman1162d ago

I have a lot of games from the 360 I've yet to play so this option is great for me , why downplay it ? Is it hurting you to have this option...... no its not . Just because you don't want it does not make that true for everyone .

kstuffs1162d ago

As opposed to having less options? Didn't executive of Sony said their holiday line up is sparse.

andibandit1161d ago

"Fact is if BC games are the games you are playing the most, then that means Microsoft is doing a terrible job and your console has *nothing* new to play."

A fact pulled out of a hat, is not a fact.

Currently Im playing MCC with a friend in COOP, as a lead up to Halo5's release, but even if MS hadn't made MCC we would still play all the Halo games.

My wife likes to play some of the older games on the 360, I would love for them to be BC so I could finnally get rid of the 360.

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Gotcha51162d ago

So much agree with you loving all the new improvement and apps like the New NFL app. watching it now along with the Patriot and Steelers game.

AizenSosuke1161d ago

All consoles are getting better #Healthycompetiton

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TheGreatGamer1162d ago

So glad to hear this, sitting around now just waiting for that new UI to be rolled out for preview members!

u4one1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

is it rolling out to preview members before Nov or in Nov? I wasn't really clear on that.

u4one1162d ago

for tier 1 preview members I assume. Awesome. Thanks!

Death1162d ago

It's rolling out to the preview members that provide the most feedback first with other preview member to follow. Keep an eye out for a Live message in your inbox to opt in or out for the new UI update.

christocolus1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

" The New Xbox One Experience will be powered by Windows 10, elevating the gaming experience on Xbox One. Integrating the speed of Windows 10, the New Xbox One Experience will get you to popular gaming features up to 50 percent faster."

This is going to be one big quality update. The New Xbox One Experience aka TNXE will bring BC, New UI, Community Section, Windows 10, DX12, Cortana,... etc.... Cant wait. :)

TheCommentator1162d ago

I would assume that if Win10 is up to 50% faster then there are more resources freed up for gaming too. It's a Win-win situation!


It's a Win-windows situation! Ok... I will show my self out

rainslacker1162d ago

Windows 10 uses about the same resources as Windows 8, and more than Windows RT, of which the current OS is a derivative of. Speed wise though, most of that will come from DX12 for games. The OS itself it's hard to make a direct comparison due to the nature of the hypervisor setup that MS uses on the X1, but most people I know that have used it say it's faster but put no actual percentage to it. I believe the current OS is using 3GB, not sure about Win10...and win10 on X1 is going to be a derivative of the full system anyhow. I'm sure some resources will be freed up over time as the gen goes on, that's pretty typical.

Genuine-User1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Yep, it is indeed. Hopefully the update comes out early November.

Hoffmann1162d ago

This November, Your Xbox One Gets Faster and More Social than Ever


user99502791162d ago

lol. Yeah... I love my box and I'm looking forward to the updates, but would have to question whether or not this is actually "news". Seems like stuff we already know in the form of an advert on the Xbox site.

Hoffmann1162d ago

Wow, 2 hours after I made the comment and reading your reply now I see 15 agrees and 14 disagree's for pointing out from where the news is coming.

Due due the source there, the headline just seemed not neutral to me and I laughed a bit when I saw it. Would do the same if there would be a similar headline from Sony or Nintendo.

MeliMel1162d ago

Wait you dont have an Xbox One. I see you all the time dogging Xbox. Go fetch...go mutt!

rainslacker1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I'm looking forward to the social features. I know when I'm playing games, I love to post selfies to face book at the same time./s

I seriously wonder why the OS is such a big deal on any game console. All these extra features are nice, but does anyone actually play games anymore? I would prefer a basic UI to get the job done, then allow devs to use the rest of the resources for games...and I say that as a dev and a gamer. This goes for all the consoles, not just X1.

Septic1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

What's wrong with getting excited with getting excited with the way you interact with your console?

Its faster, it is aesthetically pleasing, Cortana support is amazing. You're never taken out of the action and you say. Xbox record the last 2 minutes of gameplay. Call it xxx etc.

"I would prefer a basic UI to get the job done"

And some of us prefer more than just stripped out basics.

"All these extra features are nice, but does anyone actually play games anymore"

Enjoying these extra features and actually playing games aren't mutually exclusive.

The social hub doesn't mean posting selfies on Facebook. Its a way to interact with others and compare your achievements and see what your mates are doing. You know, the whole essence of video recording, shareplay and all that?

For many people including me, gaming is a very social affair. The whole social environment is very important and is almost at the core of our gaming experience.

PhucSeeker1162d ago

Have you ever used an Xbone? Its current UI is sluggish and unresponsive. So many times i hit one icon just for the damn system to run the app next to it. So yeah, that new UI is a freaking big deal.

rainslacker1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

That's all fair enough, and I'm sure you missed the /s at the end of my comment to call me out on it.

I just see way too much excitement in these updates no matter how mundane they may be. It's not that this isn't a major update, and that it's not bringing good stuff to the table...although the biggest(BC) is not really OS reliant. After months of watching people go on about these updates, it gets rather old, because I wonder why they aren't going on more about the games themselves....and the games don't get gone on about as much as the OS.

Anyhow, I buckled down and ordered the GeOW collection bundle from Amazon with the $50 amazon credit bonus thing, so to me, the only thing that really matters on the system is the games for it. Gonna pick up MCC and Rare Replay and maybe SO to carry me through until something else releases that I want to play. Might pick up Forza but DC keeps me occupied in the driving front right now.

edit @nei

Yes, I have a couple friends who have one, and our weekly gaming nights sometimes take place at their houses. I can say we play games, and don't drool over the UI. I've not noticed any sluggishness getting into games. When they first got it, they were trying to show off the UI, and the others that were there, as well as myself said stop so we could play the games. Maybe it's just us caring more about such things.

edit @ septic

I'd like to add that I don't begrudge people that want to do those things on their console, I just question whether many of those things are as important as giving resources to the games as a developer, and as a gamer I see way too much hype placed on these things...again, it's almost endless from the X1 side due to frequent updates, but the hype isn't contained only to that side of the fence. It just gets kind of annoying after a while is all.

KiwiViper851162d ago

Sure, Air-con, electric windows, and navigation are nice.. But does anyone just drive their car anymore?

Kingdomcome2471162d ago

@Rainslacker- Congrats on the Xbox One purchase, man! I definitely highly highly recommend you picking up Sunset Overdrive along with it's season pass, which adds two story expansions in completely new map locales. You can grab the game and the season pass for pretty cheap. It's a stellar experience. It's actually one of my top 5-10 games ever in regards to pure fun factor, along with Ratchet & Clank, which speaks volumes about Insomniac as a developer.

rainslacker1162d ago

Thanks Kingdom. I like Insomniac games, so definately want to check it out. I didn't know about the season pass, but will consider it once I play the game some.:)

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annoyedgamer1162d ago

Why not just read the article, it has a bulletted breakdown of the updates. Quit trolling.

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