Rainbow 6 Siege Pro Football Player Reactions Trailer Offers New Gameplay Looks

EB: Ubisoft has released a new video for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which features various NFL athletes playing the game and recounting their experiences to the camera. While you may not give two shits about Matt Barkley’s opinion of the game, there are more than a few gameplay segments featured in the video to make it worthwhile. There’s also a few looks at some of the game’s classes and its female character.

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XBLSkull1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Yuck! WTF is up with those bullet "tracers"!?!!? Hit markers and over the top destruction? Get this POS out and start working on the next game you've clearly done enough damage to Rainbow Six.

I've played almost every Rainbow game and this one just has no redeemable qualities, I can't in good faith support this title, definitely NOT picking this up, can't even believe they would ask $60 for it. If you've read Rainbow Six and have an idea of where these games come from you can see this title is clearly not in the spirit of the franchise. Should be have just made a new franchise "Tom Clancy's Call of Duty"

hiredhelp1192d ago

Im affraid the days of raven shield and lockdown ect are over its hollywood style now :(
But tbh I like this As i Enjoyed vegas series I know I know not true franchise but i think them devs not there anymore Ubi Aiming for the wow factor in your face hollywood style.
There still a croud that played the old franchise thoe.

snoopgg1192d ago

Yeah I will have to agree with you on what you said about over the top destruction. I hate it, and I think it ruins any game. I can't get hyped for Crackdown 3 for this reason alone. Hell, I even hate when people take down every building on Battlefield 4 with their rocket launchers! I think that it will ruin Crackdown 3, and have no intentions of playing the game

BlindMango1192d ago

Yeah, they showed off most of this via livestream at the Rooster Teeth Expo a few weeks ago. Can't wait for this game

theshredded1192d ago

would be funny if the game doesn't sell well, excited for the beta though

bondsmx1192d ago

Why would that be funny? Why would you ever hope a game flops? So, the devs lose their jobs? So ubi loses money and puts Tom Clancy/rainbow 6 games on the back burner, or worse, quit developing them?? All of those seem like terrible things to me.

Whether I buy a game or are interested in it, I would never wish for a game to flop. You never know when a game will strike gold, and sometimes it takes multiple iterations for that to happen.

On another note, bummed about the delay, but stoked on the beta. I got 5 beta keys, for myself, my son, and all my buddies. Stoked.

Eyesoftheraven1192d ago

Are you the hero the world's gaming community needs? 0_0 @bondsmx

theshredded1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

wow what a bunch of over serious gamers, I meant it would be a failure if the game doesn't sell well since ubisoft is doing their best. Rainbow 6 Siege is my most anticipated fps btw

hiredhelp1192d ago

would be funny if the game doesn't sell well, excited for the beta though??
What man you dont deserve play Beta that attitude.

user99502791192d ago

AHHHHHH!!! I feel like I've been waiting for this game for freekn ever, and it doesnt feel any closer.

Looking fantastic though. Psyched to try it in beta.

Still my #1 most requested remake is Rainbow Six 3. Come on, UBI...

LA_Zeo1192d ago

My Birthday present to myself.

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