Apple Has Already Lost The War For The Living Room

CGM Writes: "With Apples fall announcement event, they unleased a flurry of new products, one of these products being the new Apple TV. This little living room box is slated to replace the old box as center stage for your living room. Bringing a full app store, games and Siri integration. The issue is, most people already have devices that do most things this box does, and can play games people want to play."

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N4g_null1166d ago

It's too soon to call. Apple has the money to out spend at least sony. I mean who pays 3 billion for some headphones. They have the money to push if apple fans bite.

SourtreeDing1166d ago

i was expecting someting like the Playstation vue from Apple but no nothing..

i have a smart tv and i got a ps4 i will not be buy apple tv

Death1166d ago

So what you are saying is the product actually has to release before it can fail? Wow. I'm not sure how well that is going to go over here...

wakeNbake1166d ago

I think they're just testing the waters to see if gaming is financially feasible market to enter, but Apple certainly has the resources to make a true console if they wanted to.

ScorpiusX1166d ago

The same people that pay 2.5 billion on small developer and its IP. LOL

DanZeeMan1166d ago

"They" pay for things while "you" use kickstarter,

Sleep troll...

1165d ago
N4g_null1165d ago

Beware of the apple fans... they buy because of brand first. So technically they won't need any console content, just fans willing to jump further on the apple bandwagon. These guys almost can't be called casual because they will over pay for an apple products they deem good enough.

I see a lot of fear here and it justified. Apple really could hand sony walking papers and just ignore nintendo. Then it would be the two pc kings going at it. Sony hasn't made their own chips since that horrible cell. Apple is one of the first to adopt many leading tech.

These guys are sneaky though. A better console is one with a console price that works like a full pc.... they will need a better controller though. I think they will continue to be low key until they find away in.

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vongruetz1166d ago

Apple essentially just announced a clone of Amazon's Fire TV. However, since this is Apple, it's going to receive more attention than its competitors, but not necessarily sales. The Apple TV wasn't setting sales records before, and it's hard to see what was added that will change that.
And gaming will not be a factor here.

Death1166d ago

If Apple TV is capable of running the indie games that comprise a majority of games on the consoles costing 2-3 times as much, why is it not a viable alternative? If you can play the same games on Apple TV that you can on PS4 or Xbox One for a fraction of the cost, how is this not appealing?

vongruetz1166d ago

Because the controller to play these games small and cumbersome for most people to use for any period of time. Sure, they highlight that it can use 3rd party controllers as well, and the one they choose to promote is a Steeleseries one. A $70 controller.

Now who is going to be so into playing games that they'll spend $70 for a controller but don't want to spend the money to get a PS4 or XB1?

Death1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

The same people that claim indies are just as good as regular console releases. The same argument people make when stating the PS4 has more games applies to Apple TV which is set to bring an entire iTunes store full of games to TV.

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SteamPowered1166d ago

I cant help but feel that Apple jumped the shark a while back. They havent done anything innovative in a long time. Simply repackaging other ideas with a new logo.

RiPPn1166d ago

I have the same opinion.. in fact I have sold and upgraded my iphone every time a new one was released.. this is the first one I am skipping and may even look at android phones.

If Verizon gets the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium it will be my new phone.. too bad that's a big if.

uth111166d ago

For a long time Apple has been more about tech fashion than innovation. They don't invent what they sell, they make them seem cool to own.

Macdaddy711166d ago

Downfall with Apple is cost!!! Apple items are not built to last...there pcs are not bad but who can pay $1500 plus for a $400 laptop

u4one1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

i strongly disagree. and its not a $400 laptop. I have two brand new macbook pros. when you compare them to a $400 pc laptop you realize why they cost more. not only is the quality exponentially higher, the components are better. and they have more options built in by default. and the components that are the same as on a cheap pc laptop are usually way better... the screens, the ambient light sensors, the batteries (exponentially better btw) all the way down to the little LED indicators that show you battery life. Its like saying the leather in my bmw is the same as the leather in a toyota because they are both leather. its not. there is a clear quality difference. even in the materials. macbook pro's don't creak and bend.

I used to be a PC guy. Then I got a proper design career , bought a few macs and have never looked back. I'd still game on a PC but for everything else, def Mac. In fact the majority of systems in the studio i work at are all mac.

Bolts1166d ago

Apple makes the best laptop period. Only an idiot would deny that...and people who doesn't need the best laptop.

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TheGamingArt1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

@bruce755 regardless what you say, their customer satisfaction and reliability is through the roof.... not to mention better performance on what would be considered inferior specs on a normal PC (cough). You can easily look that up. The whole over priced thing has been a naive counter argument that has been expired for years and just doesn't hold weight. People are just flat out ignorant *le sigh. It's like arguing you can buy a BMW or a Ford car and the Ford has all the same parts and is cheaper. Just a silly comparison.

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u4one1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

hahahah i love how threatened everybody feels because apple launched a new appleTV that can play games. relax. if you're already invested in the apple ecosystem, this is a logical upgrade. if you're a parent and want some cheap games for your kids to play, while getting some shows/movies for yourself, problem solved.

its not gonna take over xbox, its not gonna take over playstation. nobody is going to be playing the next COD or DOTA championships on AppleTV - maybe just watching it streaming to an appleTV.

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