New Trailer For GTA Online Freemode Reveals 9/15 Release and Other Game Updates

EB: The Rockstar Games YouTube channel has posted a new trailer for the GTA Online Freemode update to show off some of its modes, as well as to reveal its September 15, 2015 release date.

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WilliamSheridan1039d ago

Just give me cops vs robbers already! That was the best mode in GTA 4

Audiggity1039d ago


Cops vs Robbers was awesome and I think they'd be wise to release Free Mode based assassinations. Similar to the convoy destruction missions in Watch Dogs... but you could do it alone or with a small group.

Hopefully the 9/15 update also fixes the connectivity issues still plaguing the PC version...

Hello Rockstar?!?!? WTF?

Detox0241039d ago

My crew and I made several versions of cops vs robbers just look them up under my tag and don't forget to thumb it up bitches lol


Audiggity1039d ago

YES! Can't wait... free mode activities make a ton of sense... heists are too involved and if one little tiny thing goes wrong and a player drops their connection, the whole effort was for nothing.

Very annoying.

Free mode events is great.

GHOSTxx4201039d ago

Now if itll put me in a freemode with other people i could enjoy this

user99502791039d ago

People still having this issue? Wow? New gen consoles? I get dropped in a busy room 100% of the time on X1. But my connection is blistering fast.

GHOSTxx4201039d ago

Yea mine is to around 100 mbps to be exact and i always get kicked out of a free mode or any other mode for that matter... I always have to play private lobbies

Skate-AK1039d ago

I haven't played the game in probably 6 months but I don't remember that happening to me on PS4.

EazyC1039d ago

What about SP? So disappointed, that's why I bought it again for this gen...

Kalebninja1039d ago

Yeah its been months since pc release and we've seen nothing.

DoctorFry1039d ago

Not just that. It's been TWO YEARS since the game's initial release back in 2013 and we've still seen nothing.

DoctorFry1039d ago

Looks pretty lame. I love how they tried to make the game look all dynamic in the trailer, when in reality the traffic diversity is awful, there are nowhere near as many vehicles on the road or peds.

EazyC1039d ago

The community is comprised of utter arseholes too, just constantly shooting each other.

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