DICE confirms split-screen work began early in Star Wars Battlefront development

The PS4 and Xbox One give developers a lot of hardware power and tools to work with in order to make their vision a reality. When it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE wanted to deliver a smooth 60fps experience for players.

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SmokingMonkey955d ago

Very smart, Split-Screen Co-op is way under-used in gaming.

SniperControl955d ago

i think split screen in all gaming is missed, especially arcade race games, FH2 and DC would benefit from it greatly.
I remember playing Lotus Esprit racing on my Spectrum with my mates in 2 player split screen, great times.

user9950279955d ago

It is, but I've come to terms with it. I played a ton of split screen last gen, but now the friend I usually split screen game with has an XB1 so we just get two big ass split screens and stick em side by side. Split screen with style.

I'm hoping Tom Clancy games dont give up on split screen. They are always the best examples. Conviction, Blacklist, Future Soldier and Vegas all have amazing split screen options.

Rimeskeem955d ago

I'm like the only one of my friends who has an Xbox One while all the others have PS4 (i do as well) and i find that 343 not implementing splitscreen into Halo 5 is the biggest missed opportunity in Halo yet.

user9950279955d ago

lol. Figures you would say something like that. Halo without split screen is a hotbutton issue among primarily-playstation gamers.

As for me, I havent used the feature in years and fully support 343 focusing on things that are more important to me. Not concerned about what the vocal minority thinks.

MysticStrummer954d ago

You think it's a minority who prefer split screen over "we just get two big ass split screens and stick em side by side"?

lol Ok...

Crazyglues955d ago

@ SmokingMonkey

Could make the game the sleeper hit of this Christmas holiday shopping

SmokingMonkey955d ago

I agree, add in the movie hype?!!!

My GF and I plan on playing this together, I want to buy a second PS4 and do a Double Screen set up like martinsprings mentioned above. Just seems like a lot.

Destiny would have been so much greater had they somehow implemented Dual Log in Co-Op Splitscreen.

I think the popularity of payed online subscriptions ruined Co-Op Split screen. <<<flameshield on

psman012955d ago

I miss having split screen. I'm mostly a single player kind of gamer, but I love having a friend or my brother over for some local play. It's really frustrating when games leave this out, happy it's coming to Star Wars!

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AquarianKing955d ago

This is going to be the best FPS this year and sell the most too.

spicelicka955d ago

I think that'll be halo 5. The story, campaign, and multiplayer in that is incredible in value. This mayy sell more but only because it's on so many platforms.

Still looking forward to Battlefront though, looks really promising.

Antifan955d ago

Since Halo 5 has no split-screen, I see it has no competition against Star Wars.

AquarianKing955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Halo 5? Halo 5 might be the best FPS for Microsoft Xbone but not Multiplatform. I wasn't even thinking about Halo 5. I'm sure Star Wars will sell more than Halo and be the best fps multiplayer game this year. I give the story to Halo though

@Ant I totally agree with you

DragonDDark955d ago

Not interested in any upcoming FPS game myself.

AquarianKing955d ago

I know how you feel Dragon. FPS fatigue huh? lol

spicelicka955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

@Antifan ^pfff lol yea it doesn't have split-screen.... but it has 4 player co-op, a giant campaign twice the size of the last game, forge, theater, arena multiplayer, warzone multiplayer.

It's a ridiculously huge game whereas star wars is only multiplayer, without space battles, without a proper campaign.

Don't want to sound like a hater because I'm also pretty excited for Battlefront, but if you say stupid things like that I gotta stoop to your level (@Antifan). Halo is on another level tbh.

thricetold955d ago

Yea, it's on another level for halo fans. To everyone else it's just another iteration of an old franchise, on a sub level from starwars.

spicelicka955d ago

^Just like star wars is another iteration of an old franchise, with half the features?

I can do this all day, but I really don't want to.

antz1104951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Honestly split screen is a bigger deal than co-op. Be honest if Halo had it you would be toting it up on that laundry list of features. Most fps' have co-op and split screen is a great addition that has sadly been dying out.

Btw, does Halo have space battles and that's why you're bringing up Battlefronts decision to cut them? Oh, oh wait no they don't. They just have vehicle combat.....Just like Battlefront.

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phoenixwake955d ago

COD will outsell this as it does every shooter, every year. But this is my most anticipated shooter, with R6: Siege not too far behind.

Rimeskeem955d ago

The beta will be a deciding factor for Battlefront. If its good people will buy it and if its glitchy and all people are going to lay off it till it actually works.

Unyoked954d ago

I hope this game turns out to be great