Metal Gear Solid V’s DD is history’s greatest dog for history’s greatest soldier

From Sega’s Shadow Dancer to Call of Duty: Ghosts, gaming has had its share of trusty canine companions. After having completed Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, I can confidently say that Big Boss’ wolf dog companion, DD, is the most adorable, deadly, and useful “man’s best friend” ever conceived for a video game.

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Anghellic1189d ago

You're damn right, he's the best buddy in the game.

MilkMan1189d ago

Whose the worlds greatest soldier? Snake?!
I just play these games to get high and see what confusing sh!t is gonna happen, not cause Snake is any kind of bad [email protected]@ soldier.
I NEVER thought that. Not even in Metal Gear Solid.

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Gatsu1189d ago

DD ftw! Best doggy ever in games.