Top 25 RPGs of All Time

"Gameranx has compiled a list of 25 of the best RPGs of all time, for every platform."

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DragoonsScaleLegends1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

A RPG list without The Legend of Dragoon is not a legit RPG list. On a serious note this list is trash.

AquarianKing1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Bloodbourne, Witcher 3, and Skyrim

TheLoCoRaven1190d ago

They consider too many games RPGs. I don't think action RPGs, or first/third person shooter RPGs should be considered RPGs just because they have some leveling and stat building. I mean hell Mad Max has that too. I don't even think Zelda games should be considered RPGs.

Kalebninja1190d ago

zelda isn't considered an rpg by anyone, its action adventure. Mass Effect ,however, absolutely is an rpg. Simply because its fighting system is a real time action shooter doesn't mean its not.

TheLoCoRaven1190d ago

I've seen Zelda referred as an action RPG. I think only the turn based or Persona type games should be considered RPG. If a game is over 75% action/1st or 3rd person shooting, then its just an action or shooter with some RPG elements.

OhMyGandhi1190d ago

Zelda has always been considered an RPG, at least for as long as I've known. Action RPG, with a full inventory system, quests, shopkeeper that buys and sells items/outfits/etc, and a large expansive world with which to wonder. Obviously, nowadays, even your most basic corridor shooter has these elements, so it's hard to distill one genre from another.

NukaCola1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Zelda II is an Action RPG. All other games in the series are fantasy adventure.

Role Playing Games come originally from board games. Turn-Based action based on Skill Points and Luck through an algorithm centric core gameplay. As we moved forward in time, RPG changed to include active time battles and eventually freedom of movement during combat. The defining core of an RPG is that gameplay relies on developing a character skills and stats through a leveling system tied to battling enemies on a mathematical playing field.

Some games have elements of RPGs but still do not fit in the genre. God of War and GTA aare examples of using skill points to increase the characters abilities but those games are still an action titles.

Western RPGs have redefined a type of role playing game with the addition of massive open worlds, side quests over grinding, and "karma or choice based" branches via action, decision, or dialog options. Also WRPGs have focused on mutliplayer and looting. One thing that has changed is the combat. A players skill weighs the same as their stats in a WRPG. The ability to make head shots and counter attack, have overtaken grinding for higher level magic. Looks at SKYRIM for example. Many players abandoned mage paths and use ranged archery. A level 1 player in most WRPGs would dare takenon a level 5 enemy unlike a turn based game where those skill statistics are needed because there is no action based defense. Not in everything...Mario RPG games did wonders adding unique combat. But this isna general overfew of opinion.

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Adrian_v011187d ago


in shooter games, like ME the role playing elements still define the gameplay of the game, hence it's called an RPG. Shooting games where they are a minor aspect are called shooters.

@Kalkano, yes, the first action games have existed decades before, however the lack of good technology was apparent. That's why MGS, which was planed to be an action game, became a stealth game - because the technology back then didn't allow an action game of that scope.

Take the battle system of turn based games now and then - just the battle system, not the graphics and other aspects, there's not much difference, compare the battle gameplay of action games now and then, the difference is apparent.

1186d ago
Adrian_v011186d ago


yes, and how popular was The Last remnant, did its sales justify the AAA budget? Put your bias away.

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Adrian_v011185d ago


available for PC as well.

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woutervanjel1190d ago

They left Bloodborne out.. Guess they didn't played it. It mised a lot of RPG elements but it was great.

AquarianKing1190d ago

Well they did say Dark Souls games. Bloodborne is definitely in that category but better

Kalebninja1190d ago

The fact that Kingdom Hearts isn't on this list is a joke. It's one of the best rpg's with an amazing battle system, huge fanbase, and great reception. Not to mention how well the original game has aged, I could go back and play it and it wouldn't feel outdated.

SegaGamer1189d ago

It was the first game on the list bud :p

Kalebninja1189d ago

Lol wtf list did I click. I looked at it twice too.

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