Fifa 16 vs PES 2016 comparison: Which football series will triumph this year?

It's that time of year again where the leaves turn from green to an orangey brown and an international break has just tried to sap our souls of love for the nation's favourite sport – it's time for the release of this year's football video games.

This is set to be a key year in the ceaseless battle between the two major franchises in football simulation. Fifa 16 is breaking some great new ground, reflecting the expanding horizons of real-life football, while Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016 looks set to meet the potential the past two years' games have shown.

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UKmilitia1168d ago

what we have to remember here is this

last pes release was nothing like the demo imo
same with fifa 15 so it cant really be compared from the demo.

skwidd1168d ago

How was the PES game different from the demo? I played both and didn't realize the difference. Though I loved the demo and for some reason I can't explain never got into the game.

3-4-51167d ago

Going with PES 2016 this year.

Watched gameplay videos and analysis of both and PES looks like a more fun, less repetitive game.

nowitzki20041167d ago

Always was. They are both amazing, cant go wrong with either if you like the sport.

Karandinho1168d ago

PES feel and looks amazing. FIFA the same every year? choice is yours.

sephiroth4201168d ago

PES feels like shit, FIFA feels like shit, i still choose fifa over it thoooo

dragonyght1168d ago

so your are choosing shit over shit lol

cfc831168d ago

All depends really. If you're only interested in multiplayer, chances are the both games will suck for many.

Dfooster1168d ago

After a year playing PES, FIFA feels terrible now. I don't know everything seems to have more weight in PES and the ball kind of goes where you imagine it to go and I can relax and use my imagination to unlock the defence. I'm sure if FIFA could have its own way it would prefer to play itself as it feels like it's 90% playing with itself already. Still the presentation is nice if that's your cup of tea over gameplay.

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