Super Mario Maker Review - Building up to Something Good | COG

COG Writes: You ever have the "dream" to create your own Mario inspired game/level and have people play it? Well now's your chance with Nintendo's latest release for the Wii U.

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JohnnyXeo1191d ago

Can't wait until tomorrow!

Paulhammer1191d ago

Infinite Super Mario fun? Are you kidding me? This HAS to be amazing.

MRBIGCAT1191d ago

I'm thinking this should do alright.

Digital_Anomaly1191d ago

I wish I was creative enough to really take advantage of the whole game. Still, it'll be cool to see what others come up with.

GrapesOfRaf1191d ago

Not interested in building, but I bet a ton of people are going to put out some amazing UGC for this.