Acclaimed firefighting roguelike Flame Over arrives on PS4 next week

Posted by Al Evans on Sep 10, 2015 // Senior Producer, Laughing Jackal:

So, for those who haven’t tried, or don’t remember the PS Vita version, Flame Over is a top-down shoot ’em up firefighting game featuring 16 randomly generated levels, four environments, stacks of secrets, and a ton of replayability.

Unlike other shoot ’em ups, you’ll be using hoses, extinguishers, and waterbombs (plus a ton of power-ups you’ll grab along the way) as you struggle to take down the toughest fires ever seen in a video game. And believe me when I say these fires. Are. Tough.

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EazyC1193d ago

Never heard that word 'roguelike' before, it's actually common parlance in the videogame world! I thought it was a smartphone typo at first :D